Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Strength Challenger

Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Strength Challenger
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Why your outdoor gym needs a… Double Strength Challenger

Utilising strength, technique and determination, the Double Strength Challenger injects an element of friendly competition into any workout.
Designed to pit two users against each other, or giving a single user the chance to stretch their upper body, the equipment can help to motivate even the most reluctant gym-goer into action.
For those who thrive on challenges, it’s also a fun way to benchmark performance and ability.

The Double Strength Challenger

The Double Strength Challenger is designed for two users but can also bring benefits to single users.
It comprises of two spinning discs fixed parallel to a post.
The idea is for two users to face each other and each try to turn their disc. Similar to an arm wrestle, where opponents try and force the other’s arm down, the equipment aims to build strength in the arms and upper body.
Single users can use the discs to stretch the arm and shoulder muscles or incorporate it into a gentle warm up or cool down.

Why choose a Double Strength Challenger?

The focus is always on fun at Sunshine Gym as we look for ways to inspire more people to get outdoors and get active.
A Double Strength Challenger is a great way to end a group outdoor gym class or personal training session, bringing the activity to a fun and positive close.
Incorporating a Double Strength Challenger into an outdoor gym is also good for variety, adding a strength building element to complement popular cardiovascular equipment like the Double Health Walker and Slalom Skier.
This type of diversity can also help to attract different groups of people to an outdoor gym, such as those who are reluctant to take part in traditional workouts or exercise classes.
It can even encourage a bit of ad hoc activity among those passing the outdoor gym.

Who can use a Double Strength Challenger?

Our Double Strength Challenger can be found in the Sunshine Gym children’s range, for users under 4’ 7” tall as well as in our standard range.
It adds to the entertainment factor at break or lunchtimes for primary school pupils and is a light-hearted activity to include in PE and sports lessons.
Our standard range of equipment is designed for young people and adults taller than 4’ 7” so with both sizes available, the Double Strength Challenger is a great way to include everyone in an outdoor gym workout.

Where can a Double Strength Challenger be installed?

Thanks to the option of a children’s range of outdoor gym equipment, the Double Strength Challenger is brilliant for schools.
It can be used in extra curricular clubs and activities as well as PE and sports lessons.
The fun factor attracts children to use the equipment in break and lunch times too so it’s a real bonus for schools encouraging healthy lifestyles among young people.
Parks and recreation grounds are also ideal for the Double Strength Challenger, as it can be used by such a wide range of people, as well as outdoor gyms in workplaces, prisons and healthcare settings.

What other benefits come with a Double Strength Challenger?

Being outdoors has been shown to boost wellbeing and mental health so any activity that takes place in the open air already offers additional benefits to carrying out the same exercise indoors.
Working the chest, shoulders, back, arms and core muscles, the Double Strength Challenger can be a fun element to cross training for anyone who normally participates in sports which work the legs.
Exercise guidelines from the NHS say sitting for long periods can slow the metabolism, affecting the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.
The Double Strength Challenger is just one way to help reduce sitting time among all age groups.

For more advice and information on what type of equipment to include in an outdoor gym, contact our team who can arrange a free consultation.

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