Can You Lose Weight Without the Gym?

Losing weight is something we have all probably tried to do. Whether you want lose a few pounds for the next big event, or want to make a complete lifestyle change, achieving your goal can be hard work. In order to lose weight safely you will need to engage in regular exercise, and eat a […]

How to Improve Your Strength Speed and Stamina.

Children's Sky Stepper

When using exercise to lose weight people often do plenty of cardio, but neglect weight training. Cardio is effective in burning calories. However, without partnering it up with some weight training, you will not reach the optimum level of fitness. A higher level of fitness will allow you to keep the weight off for good. […]

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Slalom Skier

Chocolate is one of life’s little treats. It is one of those foods which you are told you can eat occasionally. Well, not anymore. Studies have shown that dark chocolate, containing 70% cocoa or higher, has many health benefits if eaten on a regular basis. When eaten regularly, dark chocolate can help to lower the […]

National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day Logo

Today is National #FitnessDay! So it’s time to get active! UK Active, have been running National Fitness Day since 2014. They aim to make the 27th of September 2017 the most active one yet. National Fitness Day is a campaign which aims to get everyone up and active. From the least to the most active […]

High Protein Foods and Your Fitness Goals

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In order to achieve your fitness goals you should engage in physical activity, and practice a well-balanced diet. Sunshine Gym has a range of outdoor fitness equipment that can help you to have fun whilst you exercise, and increase your chances of achieving your weight loss goals. Eating the right food, that compliments your exercise […]

Back to School with Sunshine Gym

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It’s time to go back to school! And at Sunshine Gym we have a way in which you can incorporate more exercise into pupil’s lives! Exercising at school is so important! Each day children spend at least six hours in a school environment. This is the majority of the daylight hours, especially as we hit […]

Active 10 with Sunshine Gym

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#Active10 is a great new initiative which has been created by Public Health England. Active 10 is trying to get more people involved in physical activity. Their idea is to get adults and children walking at a brisk pace for just 10 minutes per day! Health professionals have created a brand new app which allows […]

Six Exercises That Will Help You to Become a Better Runner.

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In order to become a better runner you need to improve your speed, endurance, balance and stability. By training regularly you can improve these four areas significantly. Outdoor fitness equipment can help you on your way to becoming a better runner, without actually running. These exercises, however,  should be combined with regular body drills in […]