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Recognising the Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease: National Heart Month

British Heart Foundation | Sunshine Gym

Annually the British Heart Foundation, the leading charity in the UK for research into cardiovascular disease, names February as National Heart Month. In February we think a lot about the heart, due to it being valentines and the month of love. But we should also be thinking it for other reasons. Health reasons!  The aim of […]

Stay Fit this Winter with Sunshine Gym

Sky Stepper | Outdoor Gym Equipment

As the winter months draw in it is easy to put away the running shoes and settle in for a winter of hot chocolate and festive treats. As tempting as that sounds, however, it can have severe impacts on your health and well-being. Not only does putting a stop to your exercise regime for the […]

Diabetes Awareness: Reducing the Risk by Improving Your Health and Fitness Levels.

Diabetes | Sunshine Gym

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition which impacts a person’s blood sugar levels, often them to become elevated. Diabetes can be categorised into three different types, with types one and two being the most common amongst UK adults, and type 2 being the most prevalent of those. It is noted that out of all UK […]

Can You Get Fit Without the Gym?

Can You Get Fit Without Going the Gym? | Effective Outdoor Fitness "save money, leave monotony behind"

Getting fit is a goal we have all probably had at some point, and many of us try to achieve it by joining a gym. But can you get fit without the gym? To answer this question, let’s first look at why the gym is so often the first solution we think of. Why Do […]

Losing Weight By : Improving Key Fitness Elements.

Fitness | Sunshine Gym

It is commonly  known that regular exercise partnered with a well-balanced, healthy diet is the only safe way to lose weight. Therefore, when people are looking to slim down they often increase the amount of cardio which they perform daily. Cardio is a highly effective way to burn calories! But that doesn’t mean that it […]

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is one of life’s little treats. It is one of those foods which you are told you can eat occasionally. Well, not anymore. Studies have shown that dark chocolate, containing 70% cocoa or higher, has many health benefits if eaten on a regular basis. When eaten regularly, dark chocolate can help to lower the […]

National Fitness Day : Why Should You Get Involved?

National fitness day is celebrated annually, up and down the UK. The day is held mid to late September and is run by UK Active. The awareness day has been running since 2014, and each year they get bigger and better. Helping more and more people get into fitness activities. Encouraging activity amongst the public […]

Back to School with Sunshine Gym

Going back to school is often an exciting time for pupils, getting all dressed up in their new uniform, polishing their new shoes and most importantly (we believe) packing their brand new P.E. kit! Physical education is one of the most important lessons of the day. Sunshine Gym believe this, as we feel that it […]

Active 10: Increasing Your Daily Activity Just One Step at a Time.

Active 10 | Walking Exercises | Sunshine Gym

Public Health England have taken steps in their effort to put a stop to nationwide obesity. #Active10 is their well thought out and extremely easy to follow initiative which aims to get more people, more physically active.  Their general idea is to get adults and children walking at a brisk pace for just 10 minutes […]

Completing The Daily Mile™ in Style

What is The Daily Mile™? The #DailyMile™ is an initiative which started in a Scottish primary school back in 2012. This campaign was set up to encourage children to engage in more physical activity. With a current aim of just 15 minutes per day. Children can decide to walk, run, or jog their Daily Mile™. […]