Food, Drink, and Exercise – Top Tips for Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition and Hydration Advice for Exercise | Sunshine Gym Health

Your body depends upon the right levels of nutrition, hydration and physical exertion in order to perform at its best. However, with the tangle of information surrounding wellness, fitness and dieting, you might think working at that sweet spot is something of a circus act! That’s why we’re sharing our top advice for healthy food […]

Community Fitness & The Environment

Community Fitness & the Environment | Park Gyms in Green Spaces

Local gyms have excellent benefits for the community. For example, working out alongside peers will boost morale even further than solo exercise will. However, whilst community fitness programmes are great for local pride, does the environmental impact of traditional gyms outweigh their benefits? Sunshine Gym investigates… Gyms and the Environment. There are countless articles about […]

How to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day.

How to Burn Calories | Oudoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

As a nation we are currently in the midst of an ever growing obesity epidemic. Therefore, it is essential that we do our utmost to improve our overall health & fitness, and try to ensure we are a suitable, and healthy weight. A common misconception related to weight loss is that it requires massive life […]

Celebrating Fitness Through Poetry!

Encouraging anyone to engage in regular exercise can sometimes be difficult. That is why at Sunshine Gym we love to come up with new fun and innovative ways to encourage everyone to participate in their daily exercise. And our latest idea… … Fitness Poetry! We have merged our two favourite subjects, P.E and Literacy to […]

Building Strength Using Outdoor Gym Equipment.

Strength Building | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

Strength training is often a neglected topic when it comes to health and fitness. However, the benefits which come from resistance training are limitless! Strength Training is important as it is used to both build and strengthen muscles. On top of muscle strength, it can also be used to strengthen bones too, reducing the risk […]

Exercising on a Budget: Five Ways That You Can Get Fit For Free.

Fitness Tips | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

Getting fit and healthy can often be quite expensive.With the rising cost of gym memberships, and paying out for expensive diet plans, the cost can sometimes add up. That is why at Sunshine Gym we have devised a short list of five fun, yet effective ways in which you can lose weight without breaking the […]

Creative Ways to Encourage Exercise Amongst Key Stage One and Two Pupils.

Creative ways to encourage exercise amongst Key Stage One and Two Pupils. | Children's Fitness Ideas | Sunshine Gym

Young children can often get the full amount of exercise which they need from engaging in physical outdoor play. However, there is no harm in encouraging these children to use equipment which is specifically designed for exercise. Our ‘Children’s’ Outdoor Fitness Equipment’ is specially designed exercise equipment which is to be used by children under […]

Improving Children’s Health by: Saying no to Sugar!

Sugar | Sunshine Gym | Children's Outdoor Fitness

We all know that in the UK that we are in the middle of an obesity crisis! With new and even scarier statistics coming out every day, we need some brand new innovative ways to tackle this crisis head on… Organisations such as #Change4Life which is run by the NHS have already paved the way […]