Outdoor Gym Equipment

Carmountside Primary Academy required a range of outdoor fitness equipment to be installed at their school. This outdoor fitness equipment was needed to ensure children pursued a fit and healthy lifestyle.

As the equipment was installed on an existing tarmacadam surface, Sunshine Gym had to first mark out where equipment could be safely positioned. After this, ground anchors were concreted into position and left to harden. The tarmacadam was then repaired where new equipment was installed. Next, the equipment was bolted down into place. Finally one last clean and inspection was made before handing over Carmountside Primary Academy.

A vast range of equipment was installed at Carmountside Primary Academy including both multiple and single user pieces of equipment. Multiple user equipment is not only great for promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is also good for encouraging pupils to improve their social and communication skills too. Equipment such as the Children’s Double Strength Challenger and the Children’s Double Sit Up Bench allow children to strengthen both bones and muscles whilst building friendships and developing the ability to improve relationships.

Other pieces of strength equipment that were installed include the Children’s Leg Stretch and Children’s Double Tai Chi Discs.

Children’s fitness levels can be improved through the use of children’s cardiovascular machines. Sunshine Gym installed a range of these at Carmountside Primary Academy to try and encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle. The equipment installed includes the Children’s Waist Twister, Children’s Horse Rider, Children’s Sky Stepper, Children’s Double Slalom Skier, and the Children’s Double Health walker. All of these pieces of equipment are designed to allow children to improve both health and fitness, whilst having fun.

Highly Recommended

Sunshine Gym are friendly, reliable and provide a high level of customer service. They offered good advice as to which fitness equipment would be best for our children and their after sales service was excellent. I would highly recommend them to other schools thinking of installing outdoor fitness equipment. The children are loving the equipment (and the staff!).

Lisa Chillinor / Carmountside Primary Academy