Gnosall Parish Council, Staffordshire

Gnosall Parish Council Outdoor Gym Equipment Case Study in Staffordshire by Sunshine Gym


In 2018, Sunshine Gym installed outdoor gym facilities for Gnosall Parish Council, maximising the free fitness provision in the village.

This project included the supply of seven pieces of outdoor gym equipment for up to ten users to enjoy simultaneously; we installed these units on grass saver matting along the length of the path running beside the tennis courts.

Some of this equipment is intended for strength building, such as the Double Squat Push and the Leg Raise. Others are primarily intended for aerobic exercise and improving flexibility. However, users are also able to target various muscles sets on cardiovascular equipment by increasing the intensity of their workout.

What’s included in the Gnosall park gym?

  • The Double Health Walker – an outdoor air walker for two users to workout side-by-side.
  • The Double Slalom Skier – users employ their leg muscles to swing through the air on this outdoor skiing machine.
  • The Double Squat Push – an outdoor leg press for two users to workout independently of one another, with their own body weight providing resistance.
  • The Bicycle – an outdoor exercise bike ideal for stretching out the legs in warm-ups and cool-downs.
  • The Rower – with no need for magnets or electricity, this outdoor rowing machine runs smoothly for core and cardio workouts.
  • The Sky Stepper – a fun unit with no harsh impact and all the other benefits of an outdoor cross trainer.

Gnosall Parish Council had acquired funding from Staffordshire County Council to contribute towards new sports and recreational facilities for the village. Once Sunshine Gym installed the new equipment for the parish, residents were eager to get involved. They even organised a “walkabout” as an event where community members could try it out together.

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