School Outdoor Gym Equipment

Sunshine Gym were required to provide an outdoor fitness area for Grange Specialist Autism School. Due to the diversity of pupils at the school, a mixture of both adult and children’s fitness equipment was installed. This means that all pupils attending the school are able to benefit from the outdoor fitness area.

Firstly Sunshine Gym concreted ground anchors into position and left them to harden. The equipment was then bolted down into place. Finally a clean and inspection was carried out before allowing pupils of Grange School to use it.

The selection of equipment that was installed was all multiple user equipment. These pieces of equipment then not only helped to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle, they also helped to promote social interaction. This helps to boost communication skills. These great pieces of equipment included the Double X Country Skier, Children’s Double Slalom Skier, Double Squat Push and Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push.

This outdoor gym equipment was installed on a small grassed area within the school grounds. Grass matting was required in order to retain the natural aesthetic but still provide optimal impact absorbency.