Larkfields Junior School Outdoor Gym

Sunshine Gym were required to install an outdoor fitness area at Larkfields Junior School in Nuthall, Nottingham. They were required to optimise the use of a small grass area within the school grounds. Sunshine Gym installed a range of children’s fitness equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst pupils at the school.

Amongst the equipment installed was a Children’s Waist Twister. This piece of equipment is one of the most sociable pieces of children’s outdoor fitness equipment that we produce. The waist twister has a capacity of up to three users and enables children to have a leg and core workout whilst interacting with their peers. By installing this piece of equipment Larkfields, Head teacher Pete Taylor is able to encourage both physical activity and social interaction at the same time, thus improving their communication skills.

Other pieces of equipment that was installed include, Sky Stepper, Children’s Double Sit Up Bench, Children’s Horse Rider, Children’s Double Health Walker, Children’s Strength Challenger and Children’s Double Slalom Skier. These pieces of outdoor fitness equipment work on children’s strength, speed and stamina thus improving their overall fitness.

Sunshine Gym were also required to install grass matting, which allows grass to grow whilst still providing optimal impact absorbency. During the installation process ground anchors were concreted into position and left to harden, then the equipment was bolted down into place. Following this the Grass Mats were cut, laid and set in around the edges and a grass mat walkway was installed to run from the playground to the equipment. Finally one last clean and inspection was made before handing over to Larkfields Junior School.

Professional Service

Our pupils love using the new outdoor fitness equipment installed by Sunshine Gym. We were very happy with the professional service, good communication and approach to health and safety they took during the installation, as well as the robust quality of the equipment. We would definitely work with them again. 

Pete Taylor, Head Teacher / Larkfields Junior School