Primary School Outdoor Gym Equipment

Rakegate Primary School required an outdoor fitness area to help promote physical activity during breaks and lunch times, as well as being used for outdoor learning purposes to help enhance PE lessons.

Before Sunshine Gym could install their equipment they were required to remove the existing equipment. Sunshine Gym then repaired the excavation holes that remained. Ground anchors were then concreted into position and left to harden. The tarmacadam was then repaired where the new equipment was installed. Next the equipment was bolted down into place. After one final clean and inspection a training session was held by Sunshine Gym to instruct teachers and pupils on how to safely and correctly use their new outdoor fitness equipment.

The equipment that was installed was part of the children’s outdoor fitness equipment range. A mixture of single and multiple user pieces of equipment were installed. Multiple user pieces of equipment allow children to develop their communication and social skills whilst still helping to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Equipment installed include the Children’s Double Sit Up Bench, Children’s Double Slalom Skier and the Children’s Double Health Walker. The Children’s Double Health Walker allows for children to set their own pace whilst walking with a friend. Walking is a great low impact cardiovascular exercise and is therefore suitable for children of any age and any ability.

Other equipment installed include the Children’s Horse Rider and the Children’s Leg Stretch. These single pieces of equipment allow children to improve their fitness at their own pace. Combined they can give children a full body cardiovascular and strength workout.

The equipment is enhancing our PE curriculum

I have to say how impressed we have been with the whole process from initial contact with your company to installation and beyond. From our initial contact with you we received a very quick response and a discussion/quote that included sound advice with regards to our particular situation. Installation was a very smooth process, with the team being accommodating to the school’s needs, friendly and efficient, leaving us with a quality product ready to use! The equipment has generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm from the children and our parents/carers. We have had to introduce a rota system to ensure all the children get the benefit of its use! The equipment is enhancing both our PE curriculum and outdoor provision and is already proving to be money well spent.