Woodley Primary School Outdoor Gym Training - Sunshine Gym

Woodley Primary School in Stockport recently had their very own outdoor gym installed!

We offer various packages for specialised fitness goals; for example, the Social and Physical package encourages pupil interaction and motivation. However, it’s sometimes preferable to our clients to go down the ‘mix & match’ route, tailoring their own package.

In Woodley Primary’s new fitness venture, it was important to their team that they chose the specific units they wanted. This way, they were able to suit their pupils specifically whilst remaining within budget.

Woodley Primary School Outdoor Gym Training Session Sunshine Gym

The six new units at Woodley Primary create a highly efficient outdoor gym; it’s a space in which up to ten pupils can exercise at once!

The school’s new outdoor gym features equipment specifically designed for users below 140cm in height, including:

Finally, the school decided their equipment should be installed on ‘grass saver’ matting. This meant that installation was as quick and unobtrusive as possible.

However, that wasn’t the end of the project…

Introducing: FREE Outdoor Gym Training Sessions

Gareth, an expert member of our team, visited Woodley Primary School to run an after-school training session for staff.

At the session he instructed and guided the attendees through the best practices for a truly beneficial workout; this was in addition to reiterating the necessary safety procedures associated with our outdoor gym equipment.

As a result of this free training, staff at Woodley Primary can now supervise and advise their pupils with confidence.

At Sunshine Gym we now offer a free outdoor gym training service alongside all installations.

Furthermore, our new six-month reviews also ensure our clients are getting the best results from their equipment.

As part of this free visit, one of our experts will conduct circuit training classes to provide teachers with exercise session plans.