How to: Starting Your Fitness Journey with Sunshine Gym.

How to: Starting Fitness Journey | Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment

Find out how outdoor fitness equipment can help you to make a notable change to your lifestyle and put you on the right track for your overall fitness journey.

Starting is often the hardest part of any fitness journey. You get yourself pumped up, excited to get fit, only to lose that initial motivation within the first few weeks.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Getting motivated and staying motivated is easy if you take a step by step approach to the start of your fitness journey!

Many of us are guilty of jumping in feet first, setting unrealistic goals following unachievable changes. This is one of the key factors behind the loss of motivation and subsequent relapse into bad habits.

By making bold, unrealistic, unhealthy statements such as:

“I’ll go to the gym every day, and eat a salad for every meal”


“I’m going to lose two stone in two weeks”

You are simply setting yourself up to fail or worse, achieving your goal with negative consequences for your health. This failure, will then knock your self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately squash your initial motivation.

That is why the number one point in our guide to starting your fitness journey is;

1. Start with smaller more achievable changes:

When starting your fitness journey it is important to make small but significant changes to your lifestyle. You can increase your weekly exercise regime by adding just one or two small bursts of exercise throughout the week. There are plenty of inexpensive options which you can choose to start with, such as long walks, jogging and/or the use of an outdoor gym.

How to: Starting Fitness Journey | Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment

Sunshine Gym’s outdoor gym equipment is free for public use* and allows the user to enjoy a full body strength and cardio workout. Having these outdoor fitness areas in public spaces allows communities to increase their weekly exercise without any commitments, cost, or contracts. This makes it a great place to start.

By setting a small goal such as those mentioned above, you are more likely to get excited by exercise. Thus holding on to that initial motivation. Once you have done this for a few weeks, you can then up the amount of days you exercise, and the time spent exercising too. By going through these stages you can build up your fitness levels slowly and will find it easier to achieve your long term fitness goals. In turn boosting your confidence and motivating you to keep going.

Find out more here about small changes which you can make to your daily routine. These will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and burn more calories throughout the day.

*Equipment installed in public spaces such as parks and or recreation grounds are usually free for use once installed. However, this is at the discretion of the governing body which resides over the Public Park/ green space.

2. Have a clear and concise workout plan:

Too often when people start a fitness plan they aren’t really sure where to start or what to do. That is why before you start any exercise routines, you should do a little background research into where to start and what types of exercises are best for you. Everyone is different and in turn display different levels of fitness as well as different overall goals. That is why it is important for you to look into what exercises are suitable for you and create your own personalised workout plan.

How to: Starting Fitness Journey | Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment

Creating a workout plan utilising outdoor gym equipment would be a great place to start. Our equipment is similar to that found in a regular indoor gym and as such finding key information surrounding fitness plans using our equipment should be simple.

Take a look at our blog post which gives an insight into which outdoor machines match up to popular indoor equipment pieces:

Alternatively you can simply use our workout plan specifically designed for beginners:

This will give you a great starting routine which you can build upon as you improve your fitness levels and stamina.

3. Plan your meals right:

Meal prepping and planning menus in advance can help to ensure you stay on the right track when it comes to eating right. “Fad” or “Novelty Diets”, including but not limited to cutting out whole food groups, are not only unhealthy practices but they also only provide a short term solution to weight management as opposed to healthier lifestyle choices. Thus, in order to achieve long term goals, we must look into healthier more sustainable adjustments.

One of the first steps when it comes to looking at your eating habits is to look at the proportions of food you eat in terms of the five main food groups.

As a rule 1/3 of your plate should be carbohydrates, this provides you with your energy, this is an essential food group especially when looking to increase your exercise. Further to this another 1/3 of that plate should contain fruits and vegetables, this will provide you with the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The remaining 1/3 should then be split into dairy, protein, and fats, with fats holding the smallest proportion of the healthy living plate.

In addition to the above and ensuring that you plan foods which include each of these food groups, it is essential that you also incorporate different “High Protein Foods” at different essential parts of the day.

For more information on the healthy living plate, or insight into some brilliant foods which are great for people who’re looking at adapting their eating habits, take a look at our post:


When starting any fitness journey it is essential that you take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle change as opposed to a quick, often unhealthy, fix. Starting with these aforementioned small, steady steps towards a healthier lifestyle will help you to not only achieve your long term fitness goals, but also keep these up for years to come.

To start your fitness journey with a Sunshine Gym take a look at the project map below to find equipment installed in your area.

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