National Fitness Day : Why Should You Get Involved?

National fitness day is celebrated annually, up and down the UK. The day is held mid to late September and is run by UK Active.

The awareness day has been running since 2014, and each year they get bigger and better. Helping more and more people get into fitness activities.

Encouraging activity amongst the public is something which as a company we also feel strongly about. Which is why we felt it essential to inform all of our customers about this brilliant activity day.

What is National Fitness Day?

As previously mentioned, #FitnessDay is a national campaign which is run by UK Active.

It aims to get everyone engaging in physical activity for just one day. UK Active hold plenty of free events and taster sessions up and down the UK. These include a national ‘plank off,’ yoga and pilates classes, treadmill challenges, high street HIIT, dance-offs and mass walks. And this is just some of the amazing fitness activities which they put on each year.

By putting on these fun and innovative activities they aim to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity. This help participants to lead a healthier lifestyle, even after National #FitnessDay has finished!

The events are held in clubs, parks and leisure centres all across the UK. But there is nothing stopping you from holding your own event.

Whether you put on a fitness video for you and your friends at home or arrange a danceathon at work. All physical activity is welcome on National #FitnessDay!

Social Media Campaigns

UK active the creators of National Fitness Day, have created many ways in which you, the public can get involved. These go beyond the events and activities and include simple things which you can do at home.

If you are simply walking the dog, playing in the park with your children or walking to the shops, you can snap a picture and share it using the custom #FitnessDay. 

By sharing your images with this # you are becoming a part of the fitness day community and sharing your unique and individual journey with your peers.

Alternatively, they also run the #Fitness2Me campaign which focuses on you, the public, sharing what fitness means to you.

It aims to break down the barriers which stop people from being active. Encouraging them to share what fitness means to them.

Whether it be playing fetch with the dogs or playing in the garden with your children, all physical activity is important. And as a nation, we want to hear about it.

AXA PPP Healthcare is running another social media campaign in conjunction with UK Active. Their campaign #MyFlyingStart aims to get workers to engage in physical activity before they go to work.

With only 35% of workers in the UK getting their NHS daily recommended amount of physical activity it is essential that on National #FitnessDay you, run, walk, jog or cycle before work.

Research suggests that workers who start the day being active have reduced stress levels, are better decision makers and have much more energy. So why wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

Why is National Fitness Day so Important?

The obesity epidemic is only growing, and with the UK being amongst the 10 worst countries when it comes to being obese or overweight.

That is why campaigns such as National Fitness Day are set up. The NHS are having their resources stretched, and it is about time we took a look at how and why the country is getting ‘bigger’

Below are some frightening statistics which will help you to understated why this great campaign has been set up.

Obesity statistics. 

The NHS has stated that 58% of women and 68% of men in the UK are clinically obese or overweight. That is well over half of the adult population.

This staggering amount of obese or overweight people in the UK has led to the admission of over 525 thousand patients into UK hospitals due to obesity-related issues, with a massive 30% of these between the ages of 45 and 54.

These statistics do not come as a shock when a massive 26% of adults are classed as inactive, meaning that they participate in less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

This is where National #FitnessDay comes in. As previously stated National #FitnessDay aims to get everyone active for just one day.

Research has shown that by taking this first step you are more likely to carry on well after National #FitnessDay has finished, especially if the workout or fitness activity is enjoyable.

At Sunshine Gym we also believe in promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle amongst both adults and children.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is enjoyable, beneficial and accessible to all. Meaning that anyone of any age and any ability can use our equipment and benefit from it. Using outdoor fitness equipment is a great way to introduce physical activity into your National #FitnessDay and your brand new active lifestyle.

For more information about Sunshine Gym please contact one of our trained advisers today!