Get Moving with Sunshine Gym : Our Outdoor Workout Routine.

At Sunshine Gym we love to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy giving helpful tips and advice on different workouts, nutritional advice and much more.

So we have gone ahead and put together one of our basic workout routines which you can do for FREE, using your local park gym equipment.

Print out this blog and take it with you, or simply get it up on your smart phone for a helpful workout guide, brilliant for introducing you to outdoor fitness!

NB: All graphics below show indoor alternatives to our outdoor machines. For visuals and information in regards to Sunshine Gym’s outdoor products, please click through to the links provided. 

1.Warm Up. 

Warm ups are essential when starting any exercise routine. They work to both physically and mentally prepare you for your chosen exercise.

Doing a light warm up exercise prior to a more intensive workout will help to raise your heart rate, thereby increasing the blood flow around your body and more importantly to your muscles.

In addition to this, warming up also increases the flow of synovial fluid, a fluid of egg white like consistency which reduces friction in the joints when moving. By reducing the friction you help to enable free movement and thus prevent/reduce the likelihood of injury.

Furthermore, warm-ups are also known to improve reaction times and workout efficiency.

So let’s get down to it…

Sunshine Gym suggests that warm-ups should be between 5-10 minuets long, and should involve light aerobic movements.

Making Five minutes on the Arm & Pedal Bike the Perfect way to start.

Warm Up

5 Minutes – Arm & Pedal Cycle.

2.Stretch Off. 

After completing your warm up, it is advised that you should complete a full body stretch. This will stretch the muscles, again improving the blood flow to them.

In addition to this, stretching will also help to improve the muscle flexibility, as well as the range of motion. This will help to reduce the risk of a ‘pull’ or injury from your chosen exercise.

Furthermore, stretching your muscles can also help to improve your posture, allowing you to perform workout moves correctly. This will help to ensure you gain the most from your workout.

Sunshine Gym suggests that stretches should start low at the calves, gradually progressing upward through the remaining muscles.

Stretch Off 

Calf Stretch:

  • Stand with your feet staggered, one further in front than the other.
  • Bend your front knee, keeping your back knee straight.
  • Lunge forwards feeling the pull in your calf.
  • Then repeat this motion with the other leg.

Hamstring Stretch:

  • Stand initially with your feet together, then place your left leg out in front.
  • Keeping the extended leg straight, lift your toes toward the ceiling.
  • Bend your right knee applying pressure with both hands to your opposite thigh.
  • Repeat this motion with the other leg.

Quadriceps Stretch:

  • Stand initially with your feet together.
  • Lift your right foot backwards so that your calf is parallel to your thigh.
  • Hold this position.
  • Repeat motion with the other leg.

 Chest Stretch:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Put your arms behind your back, interlocking your fingers near the bottom of your spine.
  • You arms should remain straight.
  • You can turn this into a dynamic stretch by slowly moving your hands upward (ensuring they remain interlocked)

Shoulder Stretch:

  • Stand in a straight, upright position.
  • Place one arm at a 180º angle across your body.
  • Place the other arm at a 90º angle, bending at the elbow, and holding the opposite shoulder.
  • Hold this position the repeat on the opposite arm.

Triceps Stretch:

  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Place one arm at a 90° angle reaching over your shoulder toward the middle of your spine.
  • The other arm should reach over your head and grasp the opposite elbow.
  • Repeat on opposite arm.

Biceps Stretch:

  • Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Extend right arm back, keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Hold this position, then repeat with opposite arm.

3.Cardiovascular Workout (CV/Cardio Workout)

The cardio section of your outdoor workout is essential for many different reasons.

The main one being that this section of  the workout is key for fat and calorie burn. Therefore for anyone who is working out as part of a weight loss programme, this is the pinnacle moment for yourselves.

In addition to aiding in weight loss, cardio workouts are also known for improving both your circulatory system as well as respiratory system too.

Cardio workouts improve your blood flow, in turn helping to reduce the risk of CVD ( Cardiovascular Disease). Furthermore, they can also help to improve your lung capacity.

This will not only reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses, but also help to increase your overall fitness levels. Thereby enabling you to workout for longer.

On top of all of these physical benefits, Cardio Workouts can also help to improve mental well-being too.

The release of endorphins provides participants with a temporary natural emotional lift.

Sunshine Gym suggests, that for short workouts, this section should be kept short but of high intensity (HIT), to make the most out of your cardio workouts. 


10 minute – Sky Stepper

10 minute – Bicycle

4.Muscular Strength Endurance Workout (M.S.E)

The M.S.E section of this simple workout focuses on strength building, and focuses specifically on your muscles.

M.S.E workouts are essential and come with an extensive amount of health benefits.  Starting with improved muscle mass.

Muscle mass deteriorates gradually over time, however completing regular strength training exercises, you can help to restore your muscle mass.

In addition to this, this portion of the workout will also help to aid in improving both bone strength and joint flexibility. This will therefore help to improve your ability to complete this workout again, or even move on to more advanced workouts.

Furthermore, M.S.E exercises help to convert fat in to muscle, again helping with weight control. Bringing weight down, and keeping it down.

Sunshine Gym says that M.S.E workouts exercise both a primary and secondary muscle, ensuring a full effective workout.  


Leg Press machine – 2 sets of 12-15 reps

Sit Up Bench – 2 sets of 12-15 reps

Waist Twister – 2 sets of 12-15 reps

Power Push – 2 sets of 12-15 reps

Pull Down – 2 sets of 12-15 reps

5.Cool Down. 

The cool down section of this workout is as important as all of the other elements.

The cool down allows the participants heart rate to return to normal slowly. This will help to reduce any exercise induced lightheadedness or dizziness.

In addition to heart rate, cooling down also allows for the breathing to return to normal too.

On top of this cooling down after a workout can help to prevent muscle soreness.

Sunshine Gym suggests, when completing a cool down you begin at a quick/fast pace, then as the cool down progresses you slowly reduce your speed, to a stop.

Cool Down. 

10 minutes – Health Walker

6.Final Stretch Off. 

Finally the participant should finish with another set of stretches.

Much like the initial set these will help to improve muscle flexibility and improve the blood flow to the muscles which you have been using.

Finishing off with a stretch will also help to reduce the likelihood of soreness in the morning.

Making sure you’re ready to complete this workout all over again tomorrow.

Sunshine Gym suggests that stretches should start low at the calves, gradually progressing upward through the remaining muscles.

Final Stretch Off. 

Complete the recommended stretches highlighted in section two. 

You can print off this full workout here, and use our recommendations in any of your local Sunshine Gym’s.

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