Physique Multi Rig

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BX/SG 8000

Our Physique Multi Rig is designed as an exclusive strength/muscle building piece with multiple exercises for the already physically fit and able.

Perfect for young adults and those that are looking to challenge their limits to the maximum

Complete with rope ladder, climber, sit up bench, dip station, leg raise bars, stretch assist, strength slider, chin up bars and workout board, the physique multi rig goes against our core value of fitness for everybody.

The multi rig range is designed for the sole target of those already physically fit and able to challenge them to their extremes and push their abilities to new limits.

A varied workout on the Physique Multi Rig is focused on strength building activities although a hard & fast exercise routine will also provide an intense cardio vascular workout at the same time.


  • Strength building exercises designed for those already physically fit.
  • Perfect for young adults to burn energy.
  • Great for parks and open spaces to provide for a selected group in the community

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