The Health Benefits of Regular Walking.

Health Benefits of Walking | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment

We are often told how walking is one of the best exercises we can get, and this is why each year it is celebrated with its own national day. May has been named National Walking Month! And annually we celebrate the health benefits which come from regular walking! Walking is something which most of us do […]

Strength Training and Cardio – Taking Steps towards Overall Fitness

Strength Training and Cardio | Sunshine Gym

For #WalkThisMay we are encouraging everyone to build heart-healthy cardio into their daily lives. However, in the same way that muscle building alone is not enough to keep you healthy, brisk walking will only get you so far on the road to fitness. Sunshine Gym is here to give you expert advice on combining strength […]

Recognising the Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease: National Heart Month

British Heart Foundation | Sunshine Gym

Annually the British Heart Foundation, the leading charity in the UK for research into cardiovascular disease, names February as National Heart Month. In February we think a lot about the heart, due to it being valentines and the month of love. But we should also be thinking it for other reasons. Health reasons!  The aim of […]