Balance Awareness Week 2018

Vesibular Exercise | Balance Awareness | Sunshine Gym

Balance Awareness Week 2018 runs from the 16th to the 22nd of September. This event was set up by the Vestibular Disorders Association in order to raise awareness for those living with debilitating disorders such as vertigo which primarily affect a person’s balance. This is something which is hugely important within all of our lives, […]

School Sports Equipment Funding De-Mystified

Fitness Funding | Sunshine Gym

This academic year, Sunshine Gym aims to help children get the fitness education they deserve. That’s why we’ve put together an accessible guide to school sports equipment funding; from government streams to crowd-sourcing. We want all members of staff to be able to support the funding process at their school and make a difference to […]

The State of Child Obesity

How to Prevent Obesity in Childhood | Tackling the State of Child Obesity | Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Children | Children's Outdoor Gym | Sunshine Gym

Time to take a stand against child obesity? We take a look at new statistics from Public Health England and evaluate how to prevent obesity in childhood. “Levels of severe obesity in children aged 10 to 11 years have reached the highest point since records began…” – Public Health England This figure was revealed at […]

Fitness in Schools – National School Sport Week

Fitness in Schools - Encouraging Exercise Through Play and Education

National School Sport Week was introduced in 2008 by the Youth Sports Trust. Since then, the initiative has gained many supporters and increased the level of pupil fitness in schools. This year, the campaign’s focus is “celebrating the role of play and sport in education”. That’s why we at Sunshine Gym are looking at ways […]

Fitness Equipment Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures | Sunshine Gym

At Sunshine Gym, we provide a service which offers a multitude of health benefits. But what’s the point in fitness if you put people at risk? That’s where Sunshine Gym Safety comes in. We’re constantly reviewing our fitness equipment safety practices, though it’s not something we normally shout about. However, we’re noticing more of a […]

Losing Weight By : Improving Key Fitness Elements.

Fitness | Sunshine Gym

It is commonly  known that regular exercise partnered with a well-balanced, healthy diet is the only safe way to lose weight. Therefore, when people are looking to slim down they often increase the amount of cardio which they perform daily. Cardio is a highly effective way to burn calories! But that doesn’t mean that it […]

Back to School with Sunshine Gym

Going back to school is often an exciting time for pupils, getting all dressed up in their new uniform, polishing their new shoes and most importantly (we believe) packing their brand new P.E. kit! Physical education is one of the most important lessons of the day. Sunshine Gym believe this, as we feel that it […]