The Health Benefits of Regular Walking.

Health Benefits of Walking | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment

We are often told how walking is one of the best exercises we can get, and this is why each year it is celebrated with its own national day. May has been named National Walking Month! And annually we celebrate the health benefits which come from regular walking! Walking is something which most of us do […]

Six Exercises That Will Help You to Become a Better Runner

Running Exercises | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Sunshine Gym

In order to become a better runner, you need to improve your speed, endurance, balance and stability. These elements can only be improved with regular effective training. This includes both cardiovascular and strength building exercises. On top of visiting indoor gym facilities, and completing specially designed workouts, there are easier – more cost-effective ways, in […]

Community Fitness & The Environment

Community Fitness & the Environment | Park Gyms in Green Spaces

Local gyms have excellent benefits for the community. For example, working out alongside peers will boost morale even further than solo exercise will. However, whilst community fitness programmes are great for local pride, does the environmental impact of traditional gyms outweigh their benefits? Sunshine Gym investigates… Gyms and the Environment There are countless articles about […]

Fitness Equipment Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures | Sunshine Gym

At Sunshine Gym, we provide a service which offers a multitude of health benefits. But what’s the point in fitness if you put people at risk? That’s where Sunshine Gym Safety comes in. We’re constantly reviewing our fitness equipment safety practices, though it’s not something we normally shout about. However, we’re noticing more of a […]

Ageing and Exercise – Support from Sunshine Gym

Ageing should not, in itself, be a reason for you to stop exercising However, some conditions which make it difficult to exercise are far more common amongst older adults. These conditions are as follows: Slow metabolism “Metabolism” refers to all of the chemical functions which go on inside your body to keep you alive and […]

Can You Get Fit Without the Gym?

Can You Get Fit Without Going the Gym? | Effective Outdoor Fitness "save money, leave monotony behind"

Getting fit is a goal we have all probably had at some point, and many of us try to achieve it by joining a gym. But can you get fit without the gym? To answer this question, let’s first look at why the gym is so often the first solution we think of. Why Do […]

Losing Weight By : Improving Key Fitness Elements.

Fitness | Sunshine Gym

It is commonly  known that regular exercise partnered with a well-balanced, healthy diet is the only safe way to lose weight. Therefore, when people are looking to slim down they often increase the amount of cardio which they perform daily. Cardio is a highly effective way to burn calories! But that doesn’t mean that it […]

Active 10: Increasing Your Daily Activity Just One Step at a Time.

Active 10 | Walking Exercises | Sunshine Gym

Public Health England have taken steps in their effort to put a stop to nationwide obesity. #Active10 is their well thought out and extremely easy to follow initiative which aims to get more people, more physically active.  Their general idea is to get adults and children walking at a brisk pace for just 10 minutes […]