How to write a winning funding bid

How to write a winning funding bid
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From projects which break down barriers to fitness to the installation of inclusive equipment, a range of funding streams are available to potentially support the creation of an outdoor gym.
At Sunshine Gym we believe in opening up fitness for everybody and that includes extending our support to clients applying for grants.
Our experts can help design and plan an outdoor gym based on the needs and demands of the people it will serve.
And they can also advise on issues such as operation and maintenance of equipment, safety requirements and the essentials which make a site accessible and inclusive for users.
To complement these services we have produced a funding guide which we update on a quarterly basis, directing clients to revenue sources which may be able to help cover a range of costs.
As is the nature of grant funding, application windows vary and criteria can change. Our guide is intended to showcase helpful starting points so individual organisations identify the ‘best fit’ funds for them.
Our extensive bank of online case studies, quote breakdowns, images and technical specifications can also assist in supporting applications.

Top tips for making a funding application

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to funding
Make sure the grant you are applying for lines up with your needs. Ensure your project is right for the funding programme, don’t try and twist it to fit the criteria as funders will come back to your original bid when evaluating its success - and any other bids for further support.

Consider the competition

Even if you have an outstanding project idea, if it is presented poorly against other weaker but more polished entries it may not make it through the initial stages. Remember that the competition will be strong and that a great project needs a great application.

Give yourself enough time

Make a note of the deadlines for each funding stream. Ensure applications are not rushed or delivered late. Build in enough time to complete the application fully, including time to find accurate answers to specific questions, or source the correct accompanying documentation that the grant might call for. And don’t forget to give the application a thorough review before pressing send.

Demonstrate clearly how you fit the criteria

Don’t guess at what you think the assessment panel wants to know, use the criteria to guide your application. Make a clear case for your project and demonstrate how it shares the same priorities and objectives as the fund you are applying to. Tailor your answers to the questions. Avoid being generic or vague.

Work out your budget

Are you requesting enough money? Do you have match funding in place if needed? Although project costs are estimated in the early stages of an application, it is important to consider issues such as contingency budgets and core costs that will enable you to deliver a project. Are you requesting too much money? Will you realistically be able to spend the money on the project it was intended for within the require time frame? If not there is a risk you will have to pay the money back.

Know your outputs and outcomes

Construct grant performance measures that reflect the project’s objectives. You will be using these measures to monitor how a target is being met. They will also be needed to gauge how worthy a project is for further funding and support. The performance measures will also be of use during the course of the grant-funded period, to assess how well or how poorly a project is doing and whether changes need to be made.

What is the next step?

Download our funding guide. Think about the project you want funding for and how the cash support will help to get it off the ground and support your objectives. 
Read through our case studies, blogs and supporting information and familiarise yourself with the products and equipment we can offer. Consider how you can make your application stand out from others.
Get in touch with our team of trained advisors. Arm yourself with as much information and detail as you can. We are here to help and happy to talk through your proposals. Give us a call today on 01782 571719.