Our Purpose

At Sunshine Gym we inspire and motivate users to keep fit and healthy, while also bringing enjoyment and social interaction into their workouts.

Our Calling

To break down the barriers to fitness by opening up outdoor gym experiences which everybody can take advantage of, regardless of age, ability or experience.

Our Focus

Sunshine Gym creates safe, inviting and results-oriented outdoor gyms, setting the standard for the whole of the UK.

Our Strengths

We believe access to high-quality fitness facilities should be available to all – that’s why we build integrated outdoor gyms which successfully tackle the issues that could hold people back.
A Sunshine Gym is purposefully designed for the community it serves, with an attention to detail that results in convenience and support for everyone from beginners to regular visitors.
Our range of easy-to-operate equipment keeps outdoor fitness sessions interesting and, as it is free to use once installed, a Sunshine Gym allows users to work out at their own time and pace.

Our Journey

Launched in 2015, Sunshine Gym has always stayed true to its vision of creating outdoor gyms which bring people together for a healthier nation.

From the very beginning, ensuring robust safety standards has been our priority alongside overcoming other practical issues which prevent people making outdoor exercise part of their lifestyle.
Our own unique safety stop system is built into our equipment which is designed and tested to the highest standards.

And by applying this knowledge to a children’s range of equipment specifically for users under 1.4m in height, Sunshine Gym was born.

We now work across the UK, creating outdoor gyms for adults and young people, in locations including education settings, parks and recreations grounds, healthcare environments, prisons, housing complexes and community centres.

In 2017 we became part of the Broxap group of companies, based in North Staffordshire.

This brought timber playground equipment, sports equipment, shelters and street furniture into the huge range of specialist services we can offer to create a fantastic outdoor gym experience.

What makes us special?


over 1900 outdoor

gyms installed


711 miles covered


Reaching 14 million

people in the UK