Outdoor Multi Gyms

Keeping exercise fun, sociable and interesting is always important. And outdoor multi gyms from Sunshine Gym tick all of those boxes.

When open land is at a premium, our range of multi gyms enable users to enjoy a diverse and complete fitness routine while making the most of the area available. Or if maximising whole body workouts is the target, we can supply modular arrangements combining cardio machines and strength equipment to boost user numbers and versatility.

Sunshine Gym multi gym equipment is perfect for group exercise classes, informal workouts with friends or can be utilised for individual circuits or mini gym sessions. Designed to increase social interaction, our multi gym equipment is arranged to motivate and inspire improvements in fitness.

Multi gym workouts are suitable for all abilities and allow each person to work at a pace and speed appropriate to their individual needs while still enjoying the benefits of exercising in a group environment.

Children’s outdoor multi gym equipment is ideal for schools and parks, providing lots of healthy and fun routines in safe surroundings. And by combining some of the most popular elements of an outdoor fitness area, a multi gym can be very cost effective. With ease of use and access all in one place, multi gyms help everyone from fitness veterans to beginners complete a beneficial workout however much time they have to spare.

Our advisers can give guidance on the best multi gym options for your community, whatever your space or budget. Contact Sunshine Gym for more information on how a multi gym can enhance your open space with a free consultation.

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  1. Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym
    Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym
  2. Children's ACTIV8
    Children's Activ8 Multi Gym
  3. Children's ENERGISE Multi-Gym
    Children's ENERGISE Multi Gym
  4. Children's Integr8 Multi Gym
    Children's Integr8 Multi Gym
  5. Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment
    Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym
  6. Spacesaver | Outdoor Gym Equipment | Multi Gyms
    Spacesaver Multi Gym
  7. Motiv8 Multi Gym
    Motiv8 Multi Gym
  8. Activ8 Multi Gym
    Activ8 Multi Gym
  9. Energise Multi Gym | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment
    Energise Multi Gym
  10. Integr8 Multi Gym | Sunshine Gym
    Integr8 Multi Gym
  11. Inclusive Multi Gym
    Inclusive Multi Gym
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11 Items