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Outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for anybody looking for an alternative to the traditional indoor gym.

Sunshine Gym offers a wide range of inclusive outdoor exercise equipment for users of all ages and abilities. It features equipment specially built to child-friendly dimensions; an adult and young people’s range suitable for users over 140cm / 4’ 7”; multi gyms for group workouts, fitness rigs and wheelchair accessible exercise equipment. Whether you’re looking to install an outdoor fitness station for students, exercise enthusiasts, busy parents, dog-walkers or senior citizens… you’re in the right place!

You may have noticed outdoor gyms in parks and recreation sites popping up across the UK, or even an outdoor gym at your local primary school, college or university. This is thanks to a greater appreciation for the health and wellbeing benefits of exercising outside.

At Sunshine Gym we want to bring these benefits to people from all walks of life. Therefore, our competitively priced range of outdoor exercise equipment targets all sorts of exercise activities to suit the needs of various locations and the fitness aims of users. From gentle warm up equipment to the challenge of an outdoor chest press machine or the variety afforded by a fitness rig, Sunshine Gym provides equipment which everyone from the fitness elite to the total beginner can access.

In addition to the excellent health benefits of visiting an outdoor fitness facility, our equipment offers social opportunities, inviting pupils, friends, workmates, neighbours and other members of the community to come together for a motivating workout. Our ‘double’ or multi-user outdoor gym equipment units are designed to promote a positive fitness experience, creating fun, sociable and supportive outdoor exercise opportunities.

We believe working out should be an enjoyable experience and while joining a health club can be expensive, inaccessible or just daunting for some, the creation of an outdoor exercise zone overcomes these issues. Sunshine Gym’s outdoor fitness solution has no in-built resistance, meaning users have full control over the equipment, building stamina to keep workouts challenging. Sunshine Gym equipment is easy to use and it is free to access once installed. With everything from cardiovascular equipment, strength building machines and versatile gym rigs to choose from, a Sunshine Gym keeps exercise interesting and competition at a more healthy level!

Each piece of outdoor gym equipment offers different workout options so all users can choose from a range of physical activities. Each machine is clearly labelled with operating instructions, highlighting the muscles and areas of the body the outdoor gym equipment is designed to benefit.

Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment

Adults' Outdoor Gym Equipment

Tittensor First School, Staffordshire

Pupils at Tittensor First School love their new PE equipment.
The school has invested in a Children’s Activ8 Outdoor Multi Gym, providing a total of eight fitness stations so pupils can enjoy a workout together.

As part of our high-quality installation service, our teams arranged for the disposal of old equipment and embedded grass mats around the new outdoor multi gym to protect the ground from heavy use.

Asfordby Parish Council

Sunshine Gym was selected by councillors to design a gym layout and supply and install a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment.
The aim was to create an inclusive outdoor gym where all residents and visitors are able to take part in a light exercise regime.

At Asfordby playing fields, the outdoor gym equipment selected offers everything from a cardio and core workout to upper and lower body strength building. As the equipment was installed into an existing grass surface, saver mats were installed around the equipment to protect the ground from heavy use.

Funding Guide 

In a tough financial climate, sourcing funding for outdoor gym equipment becomes vital. Fortunately, the breadth of grants and funding streams available is astonishing. Some are very general whilst others are a lot more niche, so there’s bound to be something out there for you.

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There are so many reasons why you should choose to exercise in an outdoor gym – and here’s one more: the Sunshine Gym app.

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At Sunshine Gym we have over 12 years’ experience working with primary schools to design and install outdoor gym equipment. Our wealth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to provide the best quality and service to our customers, on each and every job. This is echoed in the fitness equipment feedback we have received from a range of sectors over the years.

Take a look at our full range of outdoor fitness gym equipment here, or contact one of our advisors for more information on primary school equipment.

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