Tittensor First School, Staffordshire

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Pupils at Tittensor First School love their new PE equipment.
The school has invested in a Children’s Activ8 Outdoor Multi Gym, providing a total of eight fitness stations so pupils can enjoy a workout together.
The Activ8 puts social inclusion at the heart of school outdoor fitness, attracting even the most reluctant pupils and helping everyone to understand that staying active is important for a long and healthy life.
The Activ8 features a range of fun and easy to use outdoor gym equipment.
At the centre is the Double Health Walker, which is a bit like an outdoor treadmill. Users march on the spot with their feet in the footboards and their hands on the handrail. This engages the core and gets the legs and lower body moving in a brisk aerobic workout to keep the heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy.
Slalom Skiers, which encourage the body to move side to side for good stability and balance, are at either end of the Activ8 multi gym in an arrangement which enables pupils to encourage and motivate each other.
The multi gym is completed with a double Waist Twister, wheelchair accessible Tai Chi Discs and a wheelchair accessible arm bike.
The Waist Twister, as the name suggests, mobilises the waist and lower body which is complemented by the Tai Chi Discs and Arm Bike for the upper body.
As part of our high quality installation service, our teams arranged for the disposal of old equipment and embedded grass mats around the new outdoor multi gym to protect the ground from heavy use.

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Tittensor, Staffordshire

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