The Marton Academy, Lincolnshire

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The Marton Academy believes in offering children the opportunity to encounter a full range of learning experiences.
And being committed to wellbeing, that includes the opportunity to stay fit and active and understand more about how physical activity contributes to a healthy life.
Being located in a rural area, the school has made the most of its outdoor areas and invested in Children’s Outdoor Gym equipment.

This has increased the range of activities open to pupils as well as created facilities for more active lunch and break times.
The school has introduced a fun, social element to exercise by choosing a children’s multi gym.
It selected a Children’s Motiv8 made up of a Double Health Walker, two Slalom Skier, two Sky Steppers and two Horse Riders.
With stations for up to eight users at any one time, the Motiv8 is based around our most popular pieces of outdoor cardio equipment.

This is complemented with the Energise outdoor multi gym, which really packs a punch in a very small footprint by combining two Slalom Skiers with a Double Health Walker.
The gym area is completed with a Waist twister, perfect for warm-ups and cool downs or for PE sessions focusing on flexibility and range of movement.
In total, the three pieces of equipment offer 15 outdoor exercise stations for pupils to really maximising the value of the investment and provide sustainable improvements to the school’s PE offering.

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Marton, Lincolnshire

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