Designed by experts in their field, Sunshine Gym's cardiovascular workout range is ideal for users looking to improve their stamina and fitness. Our range of cardiovascular outdoor gym equipment provides a complete workout with benefits including reducing health risks, strengthening your heart and managing cronic conditions.

With equipment suitable for adults and children of all abilities and experience, our range of cardio equipment is designed to boost your mood whether you exercise solo or with friends and family. Intensify your cardiovascular workout by adding some strength or flexibility & balance outdoor fitness equipment.

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12 Items

  1. Children's Double Health Walker - Oxhey First School
    Children's Double Health Walker
  2. Children's Horse Rider
    Children's Horse Rider
  3. Children's Rower
    Children's Rower
  4. Children's Sky Stepper
    Children's Sky Stepper
  5. Children's Arm & Pedal Bike
    Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle
  6. sky stepper|outdoor elliptical cross trainer |outdoor fitness equipment from Sunshine Gym
    Sky Stepper
  7. Double Health Walker
    Double Health Walker - Two Person Outdoor Treadmill
  8. Horse Rider | outdoor horse rider simulator | outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Horse Rider
  9. Rower
  10. Arm and pedal bicycle |outdoor arm and pedal bike | outdoor fitness equipment from sunshine gym
    Arm & Pedal Bicycle
  11. Double Sky Stepper
    Double Sky Stepper
  12. Combi Sky Stepper & Horse Rider
    Combi Sky Stepper & Horse Rider
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12 Items