Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment

Get children moving with our fantastic range of Children’s Outdoor Gym Equipment.

At Sunshine Gym we love coming up with brand new innovative ways to get children involved in exercise. Our Children's Outdoor Fitness Equipment range is just the solution.

It provides hours of both fun and exercise for our nation’s children.

When used as part of a full outdoor gym, our Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment can provide a full body workout. This will also help to improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Making it the perfect way to aid physical development.

Sunshine Gym design and install a large variety of Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment for the specific use of those under 140cm / 4’ 7”. This range of outdoor gym equipment is designed with safety in mind. We ensure that all of our equipment is tested to the same high standards as our Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment range.

The health and fitness levels of our children is always at the forefront of our minds. With a yearly increase in obesity statistics, it is important now more than ever that we focus on getting our younger generation moving.

Sunshine Gym’s range of both single and multi-user fitness equipment for children is the perfect way to promote a love of exercise. That’s not to mention both the social and communication benefits too.

At Sunshine Gym we ensure that all of our multi-user outdoor gym equipment has independent moving parts. This allows children to set their own pace, even when working out with a friend. Therefore, helping to make our Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment as safe as we can.

This outdoor gym equipment is great both for KS1 and KS2-aged children. Making it the perfect way to enhance any school playground. Therefore, it is the perfect use for your Primary Physical Education and Physical Activity Grant.

Browse our full range of Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment below. Or contact one of our trained advisers for more information on how to create your very own outdoor fitness area for children.

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  1. Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym
    Children's Motiv8 Multi Gym
  2. Children's ACTIV8
    Children's Activ8 Multi Gym
  3. Children's Integr8 Multi Gym
    Children's Integr8 Multi Gym
  4. Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment
    Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym
  5. Children's ENERGISE Multi-Gym
    Children's ENERGISE Multi Gym
  6. Children's Double Health Walker - Oxhey First School
    Children's Double Health Walker
  7. Children's Double Slalom Skier
    Children's Double Slalom Skier
  8. Children's Sky Stepper
    Children's Sky Stepper
  9. Children's Horse Rider
    Children's Horse Rider
  10. Children's Arm & Pedal Bike
    Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle
  11. Children's Rower
    Children's Rower
  12. Children's Sit Up Bench | Fun sit up bench | Children's outdoor fitness equipment from Sunshine Gym
    Children's Double Sit Up Bench
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Items 1-12 of 18