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Take your outdoor workout to the next level with a Sunshine Gym Multi Rig.

Designed to support advanced routines for even the most accomplished fitness enthusiast, our collection of training stations offers versatility and variety for ultimate body conditioning. Sunshine Gym Multi Rig removes all limitations when it comes to delivering demanding and progressively challenging outdoor exercise programmes. Encouraging better mobility, stability and strength, our rigs are built for users who want to raise their game and push their bodies out of their comfort zones.

They provide the foundation for intense bodyweight training, aiding routines which target multiple muscle groups and functional movement. The growing range of Sunshine Gym Multi Rigs has been developed to incorporate an assortment of high-quality multi-purpose training equipment. With different sized rigs and layouts available, they are great for individuals as well as accommodating group and class sessions. Features include steps, ladders, pull-up handles and traverse rings as well as leg raise bars, sit up benches and workout boards.

This outdoor equipment supports a wide range of rigorous exercises including traditional moves such as chin-ups, tricep dips and press ups.And it also allows for creativity, such as introducing dead hangs, isometric holds and bodyweight rows into a workout. From calisthenics to cross training, a Sunshine Gym Multi Rig is for users who want exceptional results. Increased calorie burn and muscle mass as well as improved physique, movement and aerobic capacity are among the benefits of the exercises associated with the multi rig stations.

Perfect for parks and open spaces, a multi rig is also a great addition to universities and colleges, leisure sites and residential estates. Our outdoor multi rigs enable users to maximise their workouts and get the most from the time they set aside to train. A Sunshine Gym Multi Rig is what solid gains are built on.

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  1. Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig
    Olympus Outdoor Fitness Rig
  2. Camelot Outdoor Fitness Rig
    Camelot Outdoor Fitness Rig
  3. Atlantis Outdoor Fitness Rig
    Atlantis Outdoor Fitness Rig
  4. Hercules Outdoor Fitness Rig
    Hercules Outdoor Fitness Rig
  5. Sthenos Outdoor Fitness Rig
    Sthenos Outdoor Fitness Rig
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5 Items