Children's KS1 & KS2 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

When it comes to getting KS1 & KS2 pupils engaged in exercise look no further than Sunshine Gym.

Sunshine Gym’s specially designed range of KS1 & KS2 Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment goes a long way to providing children with a fun, physical workout.

Our KS1 & KS2 Outdoor Fitness Equipment is specifically designed to be used by children under the height of 140cm / 4’ 7”. This ensures that children do not over stretch. Thus helping to promote children’s safety at every opportunity.

Sunshine Gym’s range of outdoor fitness equipment for schools is perfect for any playground, with both solo and multi-user units. Single pieces allow for pupils to work out by themselves. Alternatively the double pieces can be used by multiple users.

Unlike some outdoor gym equipment suppliers, here at Sunshine Gym we ensure that all of our multi-user outdoor gym equipment has independent moving parts. This means that users set their own pace, even when working out with a friend. Again helping to make our outdoor fitness equipment for schools as safe as we can.

Our multi-user outdoor fitness equipment is great for pupils who want to exercise with friends.  Due to the nature of the equipment, it can help to build social and communication skills, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle too.

The school outdoor fitness equipment comprises cardiovascular and ‘warm-up’ equipment. This is because we believe strength building simply isn’t for growing children. Hence, Sunshine Gym’s outdoor fitness equipment for schools is designed with fun in mind. It provides a great opportunity to introduce children to exercise, without it looking like a daunting task.

School outdoor fitness equipment can be used during play times, as well as during PE lessons. This makes it the perfect use for your Primary Physical Education and Physical Activity Grant. You could even think of innovative ways to get children moving. Why not set up an after school workout club just like Forest Park Primary School, in Stoke-on-Trent.

So why not browse our full range of KS1 & KS2 Outdoor Fitness Equipment below, or you could even contact one of our trained advisors for help and advice.

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  1. Children's ACTIV8
    Children's Activ8 Multi Gym

    The Children's Activ8 Multi-Gym is our first multi gym in our range designed to increase social interaction across the playground, increase the fun factor for outdoor exercise and reduce the space that is required to fit outside gym equipment.

  2. Integr8 Multi Gym | Sunshine Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment
    Children's Integr8 Multi Gym

    Our Integr8 multi gym is designed to increase the fun value of exercise while bringing the social groups of the playground together at the same time. Using our top 4 popular pieces for children and including 2 wheelchair friendly stations, everybody can benefit from this exciting outdoor exercise equipment.

  3. Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym | Outdoor Gym Equipment
    Children's Spacesaver Multi Gym

    Our Spacesaver Multi Gym includes 2 Slalom Skiers, a Sky Stepper and a Horse Rider all combined into one multi gym to maximise the social interaction of the users while reducing the footprint required to install the gym. It’s a great piece either alone or as part of a larger gym.

  4. Children's ENERGISE Multi-Gym
    Children's ENERGISE Multi Gym

    Our Energise Multi Gym designed as a mini gym, comprises our our two most popular pieces the Double Health Walker and the Double Slalom Skier for a great fun and social exercise.

  5. Children's Double Health Walker - Oxhey First School
    Children's Double Health Walker

    Our most popular piece of equipment, the Double Health Walker allows children to enjoy walking in a non-competitive environment.

  6. Children's Double Slalom Skier
    Children's Double Slalom Skier

    The Double Slalom Skier is a smaller version of our highly popular Slalom Skier for adults, on which up to two users can exercise both their lower body and their core muscles.

  7. Children's Sky Stepper
    Children's Sky Stepper

    One of our most popular pieces of children's fitness equipment, this outdoor cross trainer is a smaller version of our Sky Stepper for adults.

  8. Children's Arm & Pedal Bike
    Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle

    The Arm & Pedal Bicycle is ideal for a light workout or warm-up, helping children to build confidence in their fitness and ability.

  9. Children's Horse Rider
    Children's Horse Rider

    Bring even more fun to the playground with this great horse riding simulator.

  10. Children's Rower
    Children's Rower

    A rowing machine is a well known piece of fitness equipment loved by gym goers and home fitness enthusiasts. We’ve now brought this fun activity to children’s playgrounds across the UK!

  11. Children's Waist Twister
    Children's Waist Twister

    The Children's Waist Twister is a great piece of equipment for social interaction allowing 3 users to exercise independently at the same time.

  12. Tai Chi Discs - Woodville Junior School
    Children's Tai Chi Discs

    Our Tai Chi Discs are based around an ancient martial art. Designed to increase flexibility in the arms and shoulders these fun spinners also improve coordination and mental agility.

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