Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, New Malden

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Corpus Christi Catholic Primary proudly holds the Platinum School Games Mark for engagement and participation in PE and Sport.
The award is only available to those schools which have achieved the gold mark in the previous four years and are on track to hit their fifth gold.
The award shows that the school is committed to providing at least 60 active minutes in the school day and tracking the take-up among pupils.
As well as making sport and PE a positive experience for pupils, the platinum award also examines how schools involve all pupils in activities by understanding their motivations.
Among the tools in use by Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is a Children’s Motiv8 Outdoor Multi Gym.
This multi gym arrangement is specifically designed to encourage more pupils to take part in physically active minutes, such as active break times and lunch times.
It can also be used in PE lessons, accommodating a circuit class or similar.
Suitable for up to eight users, it combines a Double Health Walkers; two Slalom Skiers; two Sky Steppers and two Horse Riders.
These pieces of equipment are among the most popular in our children’s range, and are extremely fun as well as easy to use.
The equipment targets, the upper body, lower body and core with cardiovascular movements to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping.
The result is a happier, more energised school community which looks forward to helping each other to stay active for good health.

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New Malden, Surrey

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