Outdoor gym equipment for leisure facilities

Create the perfect outdoor fitness facility for guests staying at any hotel, or holiday park with Sunshine Gym’s Outdoor Gym Equipment.

Guests staying at any hotel or holiday park, should have access to leisure facilities which provide practical fitness solutions, in addition to fun, sociable workouts.

Although indoor gym facilities can provide both of those components, there is one key element which they lack: fresh air.

Outdoor gyms provide an outdoor fitness alternative for holiday makers. Combine both the enjoyment of traditional outdoor exercise, with all the health benefits of an indoor gym! Making an outdoor gym is the perfect addition to any leisure establishment. Furthermore, guests who frequent an indoor gym facility, will recognise many of our outdoor alternatives. This makes it new and exciting, as well as familiar all at the same time.


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Is your location prone to inclement weather? You can install an outdoor gym beneath an external canopy to reap the benefits of the fresh air whilst maximising its usability!

Outdoor gym equipment not only provides a fresh, new, fun and exciting workout opportunity for holiday parks and hotels, it also provides free facilities too. Once outdoor gym areas are installed they are free for guests to use at their leisure, and free fitness facilities provide a much sought-after, marketable amenity.

On top of all of this, our outdoor gyms are not exclusive to adults. Our range includes both adults’ and children’s outdoor fitness equipment. Therefore meaning that an outdoor gym can provide family friendly fun for everyone.

Please note that if installing a range of and adults’ outdoor gym equipment nearby children’s play areas or equipment, there must be appropriate signage in place. Find out more in our outdoor gym safety section.

Additionally, all of our adults’ outdoor gym equipment is tested to the BS EN 16630:2015 safety standard, and we test our children’s equipment to the same high standards too.

For advice or assistance in creating your own outdoor gym area for holiday parks or hotels, contact one of our trained advisers today.