Buyers' Guides

Sunshine Gym’s Guide to Surfacing

Let’s cut to the chase.
There’s no need for a safety surface to be installed with a Sunshine Gym.
Our equipment all has a critical fall height below 0.6 metres.

Sunshine Gym Buyer’s Guide for Primary Schools

Investing in outdoor gym and fitness equipment for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils is a fantastic way to encourage children to get moving.
Our primary school customers have seen multiple benefits, ranging from increased take up of physical activity to enhanced social interaction across peer groups.

Buyer's Guide for Local Communities

In this guide, we showcase how an outdoor gym can bring together different members of the community to socialise and exercise for all round wellbeing. 

Buyer's Guide to BS EN 16630

In the world of outdoor fitness equipment, every manufacturer in Europe
has had the opportunity to influence the safety of the users exercising on, or
standing close to, every single piece of equipment that is manufactured.

Sunshine Gym’s Guide to Inspections

Investing in an outdoor gym means investing in a responsibility of care towards users.
The appropriate standards need to be met and maintained throughout the working life of the outdoor fitness equipment.