Asfordby Playing Fields

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Outdoor fitness facilities for everybody have been provided by Asfordby Parish Council.
Sunshine Gym was selected by councillors to design a gym layout and supply and install a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment.
The aim was to create an inclusive outdoor gym where all residents and visitors are able to take part in a light exercise regime.
Based on bodyweight resistance exercises, the Sunshine Gym range is ideal for community and neighbourhood fitness facilities thanks to its easy to operate equipment and the variety of exercises it accommodates.
At Asfordby playing fields, the outdoor gym equipment selected offers everything from a cardio and core workout to upper and lower body strength building.
For an intense cardio workout, Sunshine Gym provided a Sky Stepper, similar to an outdoor cross trainer, and a Rower.
Core and lower body strength workouts can be completed using the Double Sit Up Bench and the Double Squat Push.
The Waist Twister, Double Health Walker, and Double Slalom Skier can be added to this workout to focus on the legs, obliques and abdomen.
For the upper body, a Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push is available along with a Horse Rider, Twist N Step and Arm and Pedal Bicycle for an all over exercise regime.
Wheelchair accessible equipment also features in the outdoor gym with Tai Chi Discs offering opportunities to engage in mindful stretching and an Arm and Pedal Bike for wheelchair users working the upper and lower body.
As the equipment was installed into an existing grass surface, saver mats were installed around the equipment to protect the ground from heavy use.

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Asfordby, Melton Mowbray

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