Kintbury Parish Recreation Ground

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Grant funding for improvements to community infrastructure has been invested in an outdoor gym for public use.
Kintbury Parish Council benefited from a site visit with Sunshine Gym to discuss the best layout and outdoor gym design for the recreation ground facility.
A total of 13 exercise stations are now available for community use, offering a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility workouts.
The parish council chose a number of multi-user pieces of outdoor gym equipment to maximise the funding available to it from West Berkshire Council.
This included a Double Health Walker, similar to an outdoor treadmill, and a Double Slalom Skier which provides a lateral workout by moving the body side to side as though going through a slalom course.
A Rower, popular in many indoor gyms, also features as well as a Sky Stepper, which is Sunshine Gym’s outdoor version of a cross trainer.
The cardiovascular range is complete with an Arm and Pedal Bike for upper and lower body mobilisation and the Twist N Step, which has stations for two people to workout at the same time focusing on the core and legs.
For strength building and those looking to focus on specific muscle groups, we included a Double Squat Push which mirrors the compound movement of a traditional bodyweight squat but without the same pressure on the ankle joints.
Finally our teams installed a Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push, another two-user station, designed to get people socialising while exercising. This focuses on the upper body and complements the Double Squat Push for a comprehensive outdoor gym experience.
These products are available as part of the Sunshine Gym Community Fitness Suite, designed to provide community leaders with product options and pricing transparency.

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Kintbury, West Berkshire

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