Outdoor gym equipment for Parish Councils


Outdoor gym equipment for community spaces

Sunshine Gym can help parish councils bring about direct improvements to community recreation facilities with a wide range of inclusive and accessible outdoor gym equipment.

When the provision of leisure and recreation facilities falls to parish councils, Sunshine Gym can supply, deliver and install a wide range of equipment to suit the needs of different groups.

There’s no better way to demonstrate a commitment to going the extra mile for residents than with village outdoor gym facilities.

Whether it is outdoor fitness frames such as multi gyms or wheelchair accessible equipment such as tai chi discs, our advisors can design and build a work-out area that boosts public health and offers a real asset to the community.  

Parish councils are the authority closest to its people – and making use of open space to offer free fitness facilities helps to strengthen that bond.

As a leading UK outdoor gym equipment provider, Sunshine Gym can work with neighbourhood authorities to ensure value for money with an investment that benefits all age groups and abilities.

Packages suitable for Parish Councils

Ask the Experts!

Our advisors can steer clerks and councillors through the process from beginning to end, offering guidance on everything from the type of outdoor fitness equipment to include in your open air  gym to how to ensure site safety.

The Sunshine Gym product selection opens up a wide range of possibilities for users, whether they are making time for a gentle workout on their own or taking part in a group fitness session.

This includes the Parks Midi Package, featuring a 50/50 combination of cardio and strength equipment, which can be used for everything from light warm-ups to challenging aerobic or upper body work. And with everything available out in the open air for free, the benefits of all activities are maximised thanks to a dose of vitamin D.

Outdoor exercise can easily become a regular part of a healthy lifestyle with access to a Sunshine Gym.

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