Outdoor gym equipment for parks and green spaces

Sunshine Gym offer a range of outdoor gym equipment for parks and green spaces which promote and encourage outdoor fitness for everyone.
Our outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for parks and public spaces. It has been specially designed for public use, by anyone of any fitness level.

We believe this outdoor equipment is a truly innovative alternative to the traditional indoor gym. That’s because outdoor park gyms offer a free to use exercise facility which does not discriminate against, age, fitness level or ability.

With a wide range of products you can create an all-round fitness area for everyone. Place both our Adults Outdoor Gym Equipment, alongside our Children’s Outdoor Gym Equipment to make a family friendly, fun, fitness area. Perfect for any community space!

Remember, when installing adults’ equipment near children’s areas, proper signage is essential. Find out more in our outdoor gym safety section.

You can also include our wheelchair accessible gym equipment too! This would make a much more inclusive area in which to host outdoor fitness clubs in a welcoming, local environment.


Ask the Experts

Fill your outdoor recreation centre with reasons to smile and socialise! On top of offering a free to use, family friendly outdoor gym, our outdoor fitness equipment can also provide a social and community hub. For example, our outdoor gym equipment range has a variety of both single and multi-user equipment.

Multi-user equipment allows for an increased capacity, for a fraction of the space.

Having multiple users on the equipment at one time encourages social interaction, thus helping to tackle the ever-growing isolation epidemic. The provision of an outdoor gym in the local park is likely to boost morale and improve residents’ attitudes towards the area.

Even though this type of equipment allows for multiple users, each of the moving parts operates independently. Therefor allowing individual users to workout independently of one another, encouraging a safer workout.

All of our Adults Outdoor Gym Equipment is tested to the BS EN 16630:2015 safety standard, and we also test our Children’s Equipment to the same high standards.

For more information on creating your own park gym, contact one of our trained advisors today.