Outdoor gym equipment for secondary schools


Outdoor gym equipment for secondary education

Our specially designed outdoor gym equipment for secondary schools is just what you need to encourage movement amongst older pupils.

In an age of video games and extended screen time, it can be difficult to get children aged 11-16 outside and moving, and that is why more innovative techniques are needed.

Our vast range of outdoor gym equipment for secondary schools combines both fun and practicality to produce an effective workout for our nation’s teenagers.

The draw of these outdoor exercise machines doesn’t just come from the health benefits, although there are plenty! They also boast promoting social interaction too. This is something which can be a struggle amongst this particular age range.

One of the key issues befalling teenagers today is isolation. Therefore introducing them to interactive outdoor exercise whilst at school, might go some way to tackling this issue.

Our multi-user pieces of outdoor gym equipment for schools allow for more than one teenager to enjoy their workouts at the same time.

All of our outdoor fitness equipment is designed with safety in mind. Therefore we have ensured that when multiple pupils are working out simultaneously, the moving parts remain independent so that each individual sets their own pace!

Furthermore, these moving parts are fitted with our unique ‘safety stop’ system. This avoids the dangerous ‘crushing points’ and ‘bump stops’ preferred by several other suppliers.

On top of this, all our full-size outdoor gym equipment is independently tested & assessed to the BS EN 16630:2015 standard. This ensures that our equipment is as safe as possible.

Packages suitable for KS3 & KS4

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Our pieces of outdoor gym equipment for KS3 & KS4 have been taken from the Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment range. Therefore they are intended for use by those at least 140cm/ 4’7” in height.

Use of the Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment means that older pupils can enjoy a full body workout which targets both cardiovascular health and strength building. This allows secondary school pupils to enjoy the full benefits of a Sunshine Gym.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience means we design and install our outdoor fitness equipment for schools to the highest standards. So why not get in touch with one of our trained Sunshine Gym advisors today?

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