Poynton High School, Stockport

Poynton High School, Stockport | Case Study | Outdoor Gym Equipment |
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Sunshine Gym supplied Poynton High School and Performing Arts College with a new, sophisticated outdoor fitness area for KS3 & KS4 pupils.

The units in this project came from Sunshine Gym’s full-size range of outdoor gym equipment. As such, this outdoor gym is suitable for use by KS3 & KS4 students above 140cm / 4’7″ in height.

This project included the supply of nine pieces of outdoor gym equipment for up to fourteen users to enjoy simultaneously; this was in addition to an outdoor table tennis unit for a bit of fun, friendly competition!

What equipment can be found in Poynton High School’s outdoor gym?

Some of this equipment is intended for solo use, such as the Sky Stepper and the Rower. Others are multi-user units for sociable exercises in which students’ movements still remain independent of one another.

This breadth of choice, alongside wheelchair accessible exercise options, allows for a cohesive, inclusive area in which students can exercise at the pace they find comfortable.

Just as we recommend, Poynton High School’s outdoor gym equipment is accompanied by clear signage and is separate from other outdoor areas which may be used by younger users.

Furthermore, the outdoor table tennis table has a suitable amount of space around it so as not to clash with the moving elements of neighbouring equipment.