Health Walker/Outdoor Treadmill

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BX/SG 3006

This outdoor treadmill, the Health Walker is our take on the air walker providing a low impact cardio workout.

Two person treadmill also available

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The Health Walker, a unique outdoor treadmill, shares the design of our Double Health Walker but is tailored for a single user. Unlike traditional treadmills or jogging, this outdoor treadmill provides a joint-friendly experience, minimizing impact on knee and ankle joints making it ideal for rehabilitation. Whether you're limited by space or seeking a low-impact fitness solution, the Health Walker is a perfect choice for users at all fitness levels.

Why choose a Health Walker for your open air fitness area?

  • Easy-to-use cardiovascular workout.
  • Improves balance and flexibility, with a low impact on joints.
  • Targets the legs, hips and core.
  • Sunshine Gym’s model includes a unique “safety stop” system.

Which muscle groups will I be working?


Benefits of a Health Walker:

  • Activates hip and ankle joints. 
  • Strengthens the flexibility of the muscles.
  • Enhances the cardiopulmonary function.


1409 x 615 x 1400 mm



Quality & Supply:
• Certified to BS EN 16630:2015 safety standard
• Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel
• Corrosion resistant
• Quality checked by RPII inspector prior to dispatch
• Supplied with Stainless Steel fixings

Suitable for use by a single user above 140cm / 4'7" in height

Delivery & Returns

Supply only 3-5 working days dependant on stock. If Installation is required lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Dates will be provided on your order confirmation.

User Guide


  • Hold the handle with both hands
  • Step on to the two footboards
  • Move both legs back and forth simultaneously and continuously


  • Activate hip and ankle joints
  • Strengthen the flexibility of the muscles and enhance the cardiopulmonary function

 Suggested Usage

  • Beginner : Up to 5 minutes
  • Intermediate : Up to 7 minutes
  • Advanced : Up to 10 minutes


Muscle Groups

  • Abdomen

  • Legs


If you are in any doubt whatsoever about performing physical exercise, please consult a Doctor prior to doing so. Stop using the equipment immediately should you feel any discomfort at all. This equipment is intended for use by adults and youths with a height greater than 1400mm