Highfield Ely Academy, Cambridge

Highfield Ely Academy, Cambridge | Case Study | Outdoor Gym Equipment
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Sunshine Gym have installed a brand new outdoor gym at Highfield Ely Academy in Cambridgeshire!

This project saw us install four individual pieces of outdoor gym equipment (pictured) and a further two units at a later date. The equipment comprises of both single and multiple user apparatus. The multiple user outdoor gym equipment allows for two or more users to utilise the same piece of equipment at one time. This therefore means that this particular fitness area is suitable for use by up to ten people. 

All of our multi-user outdoor gym equipment has independent moving parts, this means that users are not inhibited by other gym goers when using these machines. Pupils can enjoy a workout set up for them and at their own pace.

The gym was installed within an SEN school setting which accommodates children from Early Years through to Sixth Form age. However the requested equipment needed to be suitable for pupils aged 11-18.

Our KS3 & KS4 Outdoor Gym Equipment  is taken from the Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment range, making it safe for use by those over 140cm/ 4’7″.

Due to the age range which will be using the equipment, the school wanted a range of both cardio and strength building machines. This will allow teenagers to perform a full body extensive workout which will not only allow them to maintain a healthy weight, but it will also help to build muscle and bone strength as well as improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Perfect for that transition into adulthood.

The strength-building equipment which was installed includes the:

The “Combi” unit mimics the actions of the ever popular Lateral Pull Down machine as well as the Chest Press. Enabling older pupils to build upper body strength, whilst also improving mobility and flexibility in the upper body.

On top of this piece of outdoor gym equipment, Sunshine Gym also installed the:

These four pieces of outdoor gym equipment allow pupils to endure a fun, fitness fronted workout which will go towards improving heart rate, lung capacity and overall health and fitness levels.

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