Huxlow Science College, Northamptonshire

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Fitness facilities at Huxlow Science College have been boosted with the addition of an outdoor gym.
The secondary school and sixth form has an extensive range of sports courts which are used by students and available to hire by members of the public.
The school realised one of its hard surface sports areas was surplus to demand and contacted Sunshine Gym to revamp the site.
As our outdoor gym equipment can be installed directly on to existing hard surfaces, Huxlow Science College was able to maximise the impact of its investment and spread its budget over several key pieces.
The gym area has been an instant hit with students and is now in regular use, transforming the space with new purpose and function.
Cardiovascular workouts are available thanks to the inclusion of a Double Health Walker, our version of an outdoor treadmill.
The Double Slalom Skier and Rower are also great for getting the heart rate up.
Conditioning and strength building exercises come in the form of the Combi Pull Down and Power Push – working the upper body – and the Double Squat Push which targets the quads, glutes and hamstrings.
The Arm & Pedal Bicycle offers a whole body workout and is perfect for helping young people build confidence in the outdoor gym due to its familiarity and simplicity.
Meanwhile the Parallel Rails challenge regular gym users with dips and tucks and the Double Sit Up Bench targets the core.


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