Rode Heath Primary School, Cheshire

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Adding variety to the daily sports activities open to children at Rode Heath Primary School has been achieved with the installation of an outdoor gym.
Pupils can now enjoy a gym session after completing their Daily Mile, while teachers will incorporate the equipment into PE lessons.
The gym has been designed for a shady grassed area close to the school’s sports pitches and Key Stage 2 playground.
Students will also be able to make use of the outdoor gym during break and lunch times.
A total of 15 stations have been installed.
The majority of the gym’s cardio equipment comes in the form of the Children’s Motiv8 Multi Gym.
Suitable for up to eight users at any one time, the multi gym features a Double Health Walker, Double Slalom Skier, Double Sky Stepper and two Horse Riders.
Because it is from our children’s range, the equipment is designed and built specifically for users under 4’ 7” tall.
A Children’s Rower and a Children’s Arm & Pedal Bike work the upper and lower body.
Gentle warm-ups, stretching and mobilisation routines can be completed using the Children’s Tai Chi Discs and the Children’s Waist Twister.

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