Bridgewater Primary School, Northampton

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 Just months after installing a Sunshine Gym at the school, Bridgewater Primary was awarded a Gold School Games Sports Mark.
The award recognises variety and diversity in the school’s PE and sports offering, high participation levels among pupils, the strength of teaching and the number of links the school has with outside sports organisations.
The outdoor gym facilities at the school are a popular element of its PE and sport facilities.
Young leaders are trained to demonstrate how to operate the equipment and share the benefits of each exercise.
As well as being used by the whole school in their PE lessons, older children are permitted to make use of the gym in their lunch and break times.
The gym has been designed to bring children of different interests together so they can socialise and make friends while exercising.
The Children’s Motiv8 Multi Gym is central to this. With eight stations, it features some of the most popular Sunshine Gym children’s equipment – a Double Health Walker, Double Slalom Skier, Double Sky Stepper, and two Horse Riders.
The cardio equipment not only gets the heart rate up, it’s great fun to use.
The Multi Gym is complemented by a Children’s Rower and a Children’s Arm & Pedal Bike for a full body workout.
The social element continues with the Children’s Waist Twister, which accommodates three users at a time.
This is perfect for warm ups and cool downs as well as getting children moving without them realising as they naturally twist and turn while chatting to their friends.

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