Rudston Primary School, Liverpool

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 Improving and extending its range of PE facilities so all pupils can lead a healthy lifestyle is the aim of Rudston Primary School in Liverpool.
That’s why it turned to Sunshine Gym to design and install an outdoor gym facility in its grounds.
The school encourages a positive attitude to taking part in physical activity during all of its lessons, with healthy lifestyles playing a key part in attendance and attainment among pupils.
Rudston Primary used its PE and Sport Premium to increase the capacity of its PE facilities and provide children with extra opportunities to add bursts of movement into their day.
Together with the school’s existing resources, the gym is playing a major role in re-energising and motivating KS1 and KS2 students throughout the school day.
Our designers were tasked with creating an interesting and inspiring outdoor gym to captivate pupils who already respond well to physical activity.
The Sunshine Gym at Rudston Primary School includes a Children’s Double Health Walker and a Children’s Slalom Skier to get the heart pumping.
Both pieces of equipment encourage big cardiovascular movements that are also lots of fun.
The Children’s Double Strength Challenger, where pupils test their strength against each other in friendly competition, always raises a smile and has children returning to the outdoor gym to contest their ability.
Slower, more controlled movements are called for on the Children’s Tai Chi Discs and Children’s Waist Twister.
These pieces of equipment support coordination and mobility while the Balance Beams put agility to the test.
A Double Sit Up Bench adds another element of variety into the gym, supporting bone and muscle strength.

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