Outdoor gym equipment for colleges and universities

Sunshine Gym’s outdoor fitness equipment for colleges & universities provides free exercise opportunities for students all over the UK.

Many students live a notoriously sedentary lifestyle. With fitness often at the bottom of the long list of things to do. Therefore it is our task to make it more appealing to our scholars.

Our Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment range can be placed in any higher educational setting to provide a fun, yet effective full body cardio or strength building exercise opportunity.

On top of this, once the equipment has been installed, it is completely free for use!

As we all know, students are also often associated with a particularly frugal lifestyle, and therefore free outdoor exercise opportunities are a must for any university or college campus.


Ask the Experts

Outdoor gym equipment for higher educational settings will provide students with a free and effective workout. Even when space is limited, multi-user or combination equipment can be installed to provide a full body workout in a fraction of the space.

Therefore, should you wish to install an outdoor gym for students to enjoy on campus or within the grounds of their accommodation, there will be an equipment package to suit the university’s layout and fitness budget.

But that’s not all! These multi-user gym equipment pieces also fuel social interaction. This is a massive part of the university lifestyle, particularly when motivation is scarce.

Outdoor fitness equipment such as the Double Slalom Skier provides students with a workout which they can do with their friends. However, our unique designs mean that all moving parts work independently of one another so you can set your own pace.

Designed with safety in mind, our outdoor gym equipment for colleges and universitieswhich takes its equipment from the Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment Range, is suitable for use by those above 140cm/ 4’7” in height.

All of our Adult Outdoor Gym Equipment Range is tested to the BS EN 16630:2015 safety standard, and moving parts are fitted with a unique safety stop system.

For more information or help in regards to the outdoor gym equipment for further/ higher education, contact one of our trained advisers today.