Tresham College, Northamptonshire

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A wide-ranging mix of outdoor gym equipment has been installed at a college to capture the interest of young adults.
The Corby campus of Tresham College has invested in cardiovascular and strength training equipment from Sunshine Gym to encourage students and staff to take part in more physical activity.
Supported by Corby Borough Council, the college secured a grant from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Accelerated Funding stream.
Aimed at driving growth and improving town environments, the bid supported the purchase and installation of 12 pieces of outdoor gym equipment plus outdoor table tennis equipment.
Our popular Double Health Walker and Double Slalom Skier were the first choices for the college, along with a Sky Stepper.
These items are among the most effective cardio machines for burning calories and are very similar to the likes of the treadmill and cross trainer found in traditional gyms.
A Bicycle, Wheelchair Accessible Arm and Pedal Bike, Horse Rider, and a Rower complete the cardio suite.
This is complemented by strength training and toning equipment.
Our collection helps beginners to learn good form and can also help to warm up the muscles, as well as offer a more challenging outdoor workout for those who exercise regularly.
Our Combi Pull Down Challenger and Power Push incorporates two stations in one smaller footprint, allowing two people to work out at the same time.
This piece of kit works the arms and shoulders, while the Double Squat Push is great for legs and a good alternative to squats.
Our Double Pull Up enables users to practise one of the best bodyweight exercises there is, working out several muscle groups at once.
The core gets a workout on the Double Sit Up Bench while the Parallel Rails is fantastic for functional range conditioning for overall mobility, flexibility and control.
Tresham College, part of the Bedford College Group, said it wanted to introduce outdoor fitness facilities because they have been shown to deliver a range of benefits to wellbeing including improved mental health.
It has also upped the fun factor with the installation of an outdoor table tennis table.
Georgina Ager, vice principal, said: “As part of Tresham College’s commitment to student and staff health and wellbeing, we applied to improve and upgrade outdoor activity facilities.
“We are delighted to have been part of a successful combined bid and look forward to our students using our new gym equipment.”

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