Ysgol Emmanuel, Rhyl

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A Sunshine Gym at Ysgol Emmanuel is helping children to build confidence.
Ten outdoor workout stations have been installed at the primary school.
Teachers believe physical education supports the development of knowledge, skills and understanding and lessons are engineered to help young people make informed choices about staying active throughout their lives.
Sunshine Gym installed a popular mix of outdoor gym equipment in the school grounds.
A Children’s Waist Twister, which can be used by up to three youngsters at any one time, is great for warming up the body. It also enhances communication skills and social interaction, with users facing each other as they twist their bodies on the platforms.
Cardiovascular work, to get the heart pumping, is supported with the installation of a Children’s Double Health Walker, Children’s Double Slalom Skier and Children’s Sky Stepper.
Together they allow five children to exercise independently so they can control their own speed and pace without the pressure of keeping up with each other.
These three pieces of kit are also a lot of fun, getting children moving their upper and lower bodies to fine tune coordination.
Our Children’s Rower is similar to the traditional rower found in gyms, encouraging users to push against the footplates and pull back with their arms for overall fitness and stamina.
The final addition to Ysgol Emmanuel’s Sunshine Gym is a Children’s Horse Rider. Users follow the same up and down motions as though they are riding a horse for an all-over workout children will love.
Our installation team laid black wet pour surfacing with red spotting around the equipment for a super smart finish, complementing the school’s own colours.

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