Bedford Road Primary School, Bedford

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The creation of a Sunshine Gym is helping pupils at Bedford Road Primary School to experience a wider range of fitness opportunities.
An extensive outdoor gym was designed, supplied and installed in the school playground for use by children at various times throughout the day.
It supports the school’s healthy living initiatives as well as the aims of the Government’s PE and School Sport Premium.
As part of the action plan drawn up by the school, pupils will be using the Sunshine Gym during lunch and break times to build their fitness levels.
The gym area has been designed to engage less active groups in exercise, offering an alternative to traditional sports and games.
It includes a variety of stations so all children, regardless of ability or experience, can try something new and find a workout they can enjoy.
Our popular Children’s Double Health Walker and Children’s Double Slalom Skier form part of the circuit, giving youngsters a fun cardiovascular activity to get their heart rate up.
Our Children’s Horse Rider is a creative way to get children engaged in exercise without them realising, as they mimic the movement of cantering along.
This equipment has been matched with a Children’s Sky Stepper and Children’s Rower to provide a greater range of muscle work, getting the upper and lower body moving as well as the core.
Bedford Road Primary School, in Bedford, has also invested in a Double Sit Up Bench so children can take part in small bursts of exercise that they can enjoy and benefit from.
They can string sit ups and crunches together in a circuit with the Children’s Waist Twister and Children’s Leg Stretch.
A Children’s Double Strength Challenger keeps workouts lively as users enter a contest to turn the disc in their direction.
For a more gentle workout, a Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike and our Tai Chi Discs support coordination and flexibility.
All children at the school have been trained in how to use the equipment to make sure they get the most from their outdoor gym.

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