Keep Fit with Winter Workouts from Sunshine Gym.

Keep Fit with Winter Workouts from Sunshine Gym.
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Keep Fit with Winter Workouts from Sunshine Gym.

It can be hard to keep up with your summer exercise regimes as you approach the winter months.

Especially as the urge to hang up your running shoes, and settle in for a winter of hot chocolate and festive treats grows more intense.

As tempting as that sounds, however, it can have severe impacts on your health and well-being.

Forgoing exercise for the winter will mean that you will see greater fluctuations in your weight, as well as it having an adverse impact on your mental health!

Winter exercise doesn’t have to be difficult!

With the correct mindset and some winter exercise clothes” you can complete the ultimate winter workout in comfort.

With so many people experiencing what is known as the ‘winter blues,’ it is paramount that as a nation we carry exercising no matter what the weather!

This will help to boost both energy and morale.

Remember to Stay Safe When Exercising Outside During Winter Months!

Why carry on exercising during “cold winter” months?

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle and that means it should be practised all year round!

Regular exercise will not only help you to keep up a healthy weight, but it will also improve your overall fitness levels.

By participating in regular exercise your body will become energised, making it easier to get out of bed and stay alert during long tiresome days.

This is more prevalent as we approach the winter months.

Long nights and cold mornings make it difficult for people to become motivated. Therefore both mornings and days become harder as very few people get to step outside during daylight hours.

By stopping all exercise over the winter months this can be severely detrimental to any progress which has been made in previous months.

Having a long rest period and then pushing yourself during the first few months of the year is not healthy.

“Exercise should be done regularly and all year round.”

Doing it this way provides the best weight loss and health benefits for any individual.

Safety is Key!

When it comes to exercise in the winter, as already stated, it often happens after daylight hours. For those who often go for a run, or exercise at their local outdoor fitness area after or before work they might be doing it in the darkness.

This is when safety is key.

Always ensure that when exercising:

  • Stay in a well lit area – Avoid places with limited/no lighting.
  • Ensure you are wearing the correct attire – Including safety gear such as a Hi-Vis or a headlamp.
  • Keep warm – Wearing hats, gloves and coats will help to prevent ‘cold related illnesses’ such as hypothermia.
  • Workout with a friend – Try and ensure you are working out with a friend, this will help to ensure to avoid other potential dangers!

The correct attire, is key to a safe workout – Look below for some examples of what you should be wearing!


Sunshine Gym’s Outdoor Fitness Areas

Many of Sunshine Gym’s outdoor fitness areas are free and available to use all year round.

They are also a great way of getting exercise daily.

Many of our products appear familiar, as similar versions can often be found at a regular indoor gym.

However getting outside has the added social benefits of a fun, free, flexible workout amongst friends and the fresh air.

Though working out on our equipment is fun and free and can be done year round, there are certain weather conditions in which we do not advise that you use the machines.

But as long as it is dry, pop on your High-Vis jacket, warm coat and get out and exercise! You will be amazed at how great you will feel this winter!

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