Reasons to Love Outdoor Fitness

Reasons to Love Outdoor Fitness | 5 Benefits of Outdoor Fitness
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Reasons to Love Outdoor Fitness

In February 2019 we took to social media to find out people’s reasons for loving outdoor exercise. We found the answers really inspiring and even gave away a Sunshine Gym hoodie to the author of our favourite response! Therefore we’re taking our winner’s enthusiasm on board and urging you to “grab every second of daylight you can” in order to reap the numerous benefits of exercising outdoors. Well done, Neil!

Winter is an awful time for being cooped up – grab every second of daylight you can! #sunshinegym

This attitude to fitness goes for any time of year. Jumping at every opportunity to get moving and have a bit of fun? That’s something we should all aspire to.

And the reasons to love outdoor fitness don’t stop there…

What else did our followers say about the benefits of exercising outdoors?

At Sunshine Gym we’ve long believed in the additional benefits of exercising outdoors. Sometimes this is due to scientific reasons, and sometimes it’s a case of personal preference. Either way, we’re always delighted to see this borne out in people’s responses.

#SunshineGym Quotes from our Followers

  • It’s so fresh in the winter sun, crisp fresh air and beautiful scenes. Lots more room so less restricted. Who wouldn’t want to exercise outdoors! #SunshineGym
  • Can’t beat exercising outdoors in the fresh air, apart from abundance of Vitamin D, I find it more beneficial because I push myself more! #SunshineGym
  • It’s great for the mind as well as body. And it’s free! no excuses about the cost ?
  • You get fresh air, sun if you’re lucky and a change of scene #SunshineGym
  • #sunshinegym We are so lucky in the UK to have such beautiful landscapes, and it gives a very good reason to love exercising

We’ve taken a look back at the points our followers raised and picked the five main aspects of outdoor fitness to remember. You’ll find links to more information, facts and figures on these benefits below.

5 Main Benefits of Exercising Outdoors | Reasons to Love Outdoor Fitness | Sunshine Gym

Reasons to Love Outdoor Fitness: The Details

Did you know there are environmental reasons to choose outdoor fitness? Read more about the difference in air quality between indoor and outdoor gyms on our blog.

Similarly to the argument that having more room will help you push yourself further, you can maximise the benefits of exercising outdoors by working out with friends. What’s more, the change of scene really will give your cognitive function a boost. Find out more about the study we reference which looks at the mental benefits of exercising outside. Finally, you can find out more about the importance of vitamin D on the NHS website.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors?

Get started by heading to a park – you can find plenty of activity ideas on our blog, for example, our outdoor fitness routine. Why not find an outdoor gym near you?

If you don’t have access to outdoor gym equipment, get in touch with your local authority to find out their plan for promoting fitness in your community. You can share this article and infographic using the buttons below.

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