Why your outdoor gym needs a…. Sky Stepper

Why your outdoor gym needs a…. Sky Stepper
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Why your outdoor gym needs a…. Sky Stepper

An outdoor gym should always include a well thought out mix of equipment that’s going to keep users motivated and help them to continually build their ability.
To help our clients achieve best value from their investment, we’re outlining the benefits of our key pieces and explaining why we believe they should feature in every outdoor gym.

The Sky Stepper

Easily one of the most popular pieces of equipment we supply, the Sky Stepper offers a whole-body workout.
It is a low impact machine but works lots of different muscle sets at the same time.
The Sky Stepper is very similar to an elliptical or cross trainer that is usually found in indoor gyms.
It is easy to use and can be incorporated into many different types of workout.

Why choose a Sky Stepper?

The benefits of including a Sky Stepper in an outdoor gym is that it appeals to almost all users, from absolute beginners, to those returning to exercise, to casual and seasoned gym-goers.
That’s because it is a familiar piece of kit that is super simple to use, even for those who have never tried out the equipment before.
It doesn’t take long to learn how to get going and once comfortable with the movement, exercise sessions can be can adjusted so users get the workout they want.
With no built-in resistance, more accomplished users can intensify their workout by stepping up the pace, using interval training, or incorporating it into a circuit. Those new to Sunshine Gym can build endurance and stamina.

Who can use a Sky Stepper?

When it comes to burning body fat, the Sky Stepper is a great place to start. It works glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps and core muscles.
As the feet never lift off the pedals, the cardio workout is classed as low impact, reducing the risk of wear and tear on knees, ankles, hips and other joints.
This makes the Sky Stepper suitable for people of all ages, those embarking on a rehabilitation programme, anyone returning to sport after injury and those simply looking to keep fit and strengthen their heart, lungs and muscles.

Where can a Sky Stepper be installed?

A Sky Stepper is perfect for schools, healthcare settings, workplaces, prisons, residential developments, community parks and green spaces. Sky Steppers are also included in our Motiv8 and Integr8 multi gym which are designed to offer maximum fitness opportunities on a smaller footprint when space is at a premium.

What other benefits come with the Sky Stepper?

A Sky Stepper can help to improve balance and coordination thanks to the movements brought about by turning the foot pedals and pumping the upper body handles at the same time.
At Sunshine Gym, we have two versions of the Sky Stepper: a full-size piece of kit and a children’s size Sky Stepper built for those under 1.4 metres tall.
This is a brilliant addition to outdoor gyms in education settings, particularly primary schools.
As well as helping to keep childhood obesity at bay and instilling healthy habits into young people, a sky stepper, along with other key pieces of equipment, promotes independence and increases sports capacity.
Sunshine Gym for schools also encourages active play outside of the PE curriculum.

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