Herne Junior School, Hampshire

Herne Junior School, Hampshire
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Herne Junior School, Hampshire

Sunshine Gym supplied a range of children’s outdoor fitness equipment to Hand Made Places, for their project at Herne Junior School in Hampshire.

The children’s fitness equipment was installed to complement the outdoor play equipment and offer a place for children to improve their fitness. Herne Junior School focuses on keeping their pupils fit and healthy and the outdoor fitness equipment that Sunshine Gym provided helped to ensure pupils

Hand Made Places required fitness equipment from the Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 collection. Sunshine Gym provided them with a Children’s Double Sit up Bench and a Children’s Double Health Walker.

These pieces of equipment are a smaller variation of the adult products and come with the same great health benefits. These products are not only great for schools due to their health and fitness benefits but due to the nature of the double product they also promote social interaction. By using these products as a pair children can improve their social and communication skills, whilst also improving their fitness levels.


Other pieces of outdoor fitness equipment that Sunshine Gym provided include:

These various single user pieces of equipment offer a workout for children whilst improving both muscle and bone strength. All of the equipment that Sunshine Gym provided was specially made for primary school children and can be used by children from age five to 11. The equipment was installed at Herne Junior School by Hand Made Places to be used for both playtimes and lessons to encourage pupils to engage in a healthier fitter lifestyle.

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