Morton Primary School, Alfreton

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Morton Primary School, Alfreton

Sunshine Gym have installed a brand new fitness area for Morton Primary School in Alfreton!

This fitness area is host to six different pieces of equipment, which can hold 8 users at one time. This is perfect for a small group of PE students.

The equipment installed was all selected from our Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment range. Meaning that all pieces installed are specifically designed for users bellow 140cm in height.

The range of equipment installed, covers a broad spectrum of fitness activities. Whilst also ensuring that the children have fun.

Morton Primary School opted for two pieces of equipment which can hold more than one users, these include:

Having these multiple use pieces of equipment allows for children to improve their social skills, as well as their fitness skills! Making them a great piece to have in any outdoor gym.

On top of the multi-user equipment they also had the:

These pieces of equipment exude both fun and fitness. They allow children to exercise at their own pace with absolutely no resistance! Meaning that they can have all of the fun, with none of the burn. Perfect for little ones, who simply need introducing to the world of exercise.

For children exercise should be all about the fun, and there is nothing more fun than these great pieces of equipment.

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